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1 Oct 02, 2007 09:24    

My blog which was earlier powered by WP has now been converted to b2evolution (I wrote the importer myself :) )

You can check it out here:

I manually recreated the theme which was present on my earlier WordPress blog so that it looks almost the same.

2 Oct 04, 2007 14:08

was it easy to convert from WP to b2evolution.which is easier to administer?

3 Oct 04, 2007 15:01

I created my own converter. You can download it here:

Read the readme file before you run it. It's pretty self-explanatory

It converts posts with categories, comments and users (except admin).

You need to install a fresh copy of b2evolution before running the importer because it will remove existing data on a b2evolution blog. It will not affect your existing WordPress installation. It's easy to convert, but you have to manually convert your themes/templates etc and re-upload attachments etc.

I cannot say which is easier, but b2evolution has a much more powerful admin panel than WordPress. It's more like a CMS than a blog engine. :)

4 Oct 04, 2007 18:24

thanks for the import script.
actually i am totally new to b2evolution,that why i just want to make sure whether b2evolution is worth a try or not.

6 Oct 04, 2007 18:40

thanks for link.demo is always demo. b2evolution is free,isn't it?
i will download it and install it and then will decide if its good or not.
can you tell me any site url which is the biggest collection of b2evolution plugins and mods.
thanks for your reply though.

7 Oct 04, 2007 18:45

It is free. The "demo" is just to take a quick look around the admin panel. I always suggest you test it out off-line.

I am not aware of any third party sites to host b2evolution mods and plugins. I found the biggest collection right here at

8 Feb 17, 2008 16:23

I'd like some feedback on the new look of my blog :)

9 Feb 17, 2008 17:02

Hi hari,

It's a nice blog.
The colours match beautifully. Perhaps least the red from the links.
I'd push the blog a little downwards because of the 'golden border'. Something like:

margin: 10px 0 0 0;

in the #header div.
But overall it's very appealing.

Keep up the good work.

10 Feb 17, 2008 17:33

Thanks Afwas... I designed the theme images in GIMP

The photo was actually from a photo I took myself while in the desert in Doha (sunset)

What is your suggestion for link colour?

Actually the reason there's no margin on top is because the shadow will be cut off abruptly (I didn't use the shadow effect -- I used the gradient effect so the shadow is just on the sides) :)

11 Feb 17, 2008 18:09

Something like #866584 (the purple from the picture) does nice in the sidebar, but less in the post.
The background colour looks nice inthe post. That's #82483A.

So try this:

a {
    color: #CC0000;
    text-decoration: none;
a:visited {
    color : #AA0000;
    background-color: inherit;


#sidebar a {
    color: #866584;
    text-decoration: none;

#sidebar a:visited {
    color : #866584;
    background-color: inherit;
.bPost a {
    color: #82483A;
    text-decoration: none;

.bPost a:visited {
    color : #82483A;
    background-color: inherit;

Just a suggestion ;)

12 Feb 18, 2008 03:52

Thanks Afwas. I like the red better though. I think I'll just make it a bit darker. What I wanted was for the links to stand out a bit.

13 Feb 18, 2008 05:03

I like it. You should zip it up and submit it to the skins collection :)

14 Feb 18, 2008 08:23

I will submit the skin, but I have changed the heading structures a bit, so that post titles are <h1> and not <h3> tags.

Also would it be OK if I included a link back to my site as credits at the skin footer?

15 Feb 18, 2008 09:10

harishankar wrote:

Also would it be OK if I included a link back to my site as credits at the skin footer?

Of course! Most folk do exactly that. It's kinda fun to see traffic from blogs that have nothing to do with you because a visitor there clicked a link in the footer :)

16 Feb 18, 2008 09:41

I have another concern. I want to keep the look of my site unique. Would submitting the skin make it too commonly used?

17 Feb 18, 2008 09:48

That's why I only ever design tacky skins .... nobody in their right mind wants to use them :D

Nice skin though ;)


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