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1 Oct 03, 2007 08:16    

There should be a feature which allows widgets to be displayed conditionally.

E.g. - only on home page
- only on static pages
- only in archives
- only on individual pages
- all pages


What do you think? This would make it very flexible indeed.

2 Oct 03, 2007 08:26

Hmm, I think to make it more specific and not to be confused with *.main.php, what the OP meant is:

You can set each widget to show depending on the $disp being called without affecting the whole widget containers.

It is possible currently, but by removing the widget containers on for example, single.main.php. However, this will affect all widgets.

The suggested feature instead allows for more flexibility.

I still have say, Right-sidebar on all my *.main.php (or regardless of $disp called), yet I can set:

"Free HTML ( MyBlogLog )" widget to only show in say, the front page only (ie items.main.php).

Although currently this is possible by adding new widget containers to a skin and add widgets appropriately, but this requires editing of the skin.

Anyway, that's just how I understood the suggestion. :) and I think its a great idea - to avoid editing the skins to create separate widget-containers per *.main.php file (just so to achieve the same results).

3 Oct 03, 2007 08:38

Yes, precisely. Thanks for clarifying my post. :)

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