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1 Oct 05, 2007 14:03    

Hello all,

Well - I have jumped to it and built my first blog. OK, I know there is only two articles - but I do intend on adding more content.

Would love to know what you guys think of my blog-skin.

Bye for now.

2 Oct 05, 2007 14:14

The graphics are cool... well done.

3 Oct 05, 2007 15:06

Looks good. and different too. Well done.

4 Oct 05, 2007 15:17

Yes, I like it too. Nice idea to get the ads away from the blog. You might even consider some space between.

Happy blogging

5 Oct 05, 2007 15:24

Thanks guys - now all I need to do is write some more stuff... 8| [/i]

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