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[1.10.x] Random quote

Started by on Nov 04, 2007 – Contents updated: Nov 04, 2007

Nov 04, 2007 02:37    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I am moving my pMachine blog to the brand new 2.0.2 b2evo blog engine. I am strongly impressed by the features and scalability of the engine.
Now I want to show an random quote on the index page that changes everytime you hit the reload button of the browser, like on the original page of my blog at

Nov 04, 2007 03:26

Hi Pierre,

Have a look at the code of your blog that generates the main page. There you find some (probably) php code that you can easily re-use in B2evo. Depending on the skin you want to use you place the snippet in ,,/blogs/skins/*yourskin*/index.main.php or
If you want more information. I'd be glad to help but I have no knowledge about pMachine. Furthermore there are other scripts available. But re-using your script has the advantage that you dont need to type the quotes again.

Good luck

May 20, 2008 10:47

I would like to use such a plugin as well.

Could someone provide some guidenlines about developing such a plugin? I am not a PHP programmer, but I could give it a try.

May 20, 2008 11:44

how bout just creating another blog for quotes and placing a 'post list' widget.. it has the ability show at random.. this is a perfect solution i guess.. type in the author of the quote as title, and the quote in content then it will show in the sidebar like

someone [post title]
"this is a quote" [content]

Moreover, there is a nice plugin [url=] _quote_cats.plugin by Afwas[/url]
more info about the technique in his page: [url=]Manipulating the title with a plugin[/url]

This is a custom plugin which Afwas made just for me (thanks once more), it can be easily used for quote engines, if you d like to use it
it takes the "main cat" then inserts "said:" (or whatever text u like) about these things "tags"
then it turns out to be: lets say "Albert Einstein said sth about : physics science" etc..

hope this will do good for you.. cheers

May 26, 2008 12:26


tilqicom, this sounds good, but I am looking for a solution for 1.10.x.

The drawback is that I will have to create a user in b2evo for each quote, and I think that is redundant.

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