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1 Dec 27, 2007 05:29    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

I used to have a top posts sql query I would run at the end of the month...

[b]b2evo 1.10 version[/b]
SELECT `post_title`,`post_urltitle`,post_url, post_views FROM `evo_posts` WHERE 1 order by post_views desc

Is there a similar query I could run on b2evo 2.x?

I checked the hitlog table but its structure wasn't too clear. Not sure what some of the columns are keeping track off.

Where can I find the "item views" value?

I'm thinking this would be a cool widget or plugin.

5 Dec 28, 2007 20:41

Hi Personman,

I updated to the latest version of b2evo.

I left you the following comment on your site:

Is there a way to call one widget at a time?  I see a line of code in the comments here:
 call_by_code( 'ministats', array() ); ?>

But I'm not sure if that is all the code needed.

I basically have customized the right-side of my skin and I'd like to call each individual widget at a time..instead of the entire "Sidebar" section.

Can you help?


6 Dec 28, 2007 20:59

I just replied to you by email.

You can continue to call plugins the old way using call_by_code or you can use containers. Or, I guess you could do some hybrid of the two by having several containers in your sidebar.

7 Dec 28, 2007 21:54

I'm running b2evo 2.2.0 and I installed the plugin. The plugin works great except I'm getting this error:

Notice: Undefined index: block_title_start in plugins/ministats_plugin/_ministats.plugin.php on line 241

Notice: Undefined index: block_title_end in plugins/ministats_plugin/_ministats.plugin.php on line 241
Notice: Undefined index: text in plugins/ministats_plugin/_ministats.plugin.php on line 313

I went ahead and installed the widget as well and made sure the options were selected there. That didn't fix it.

By the way, If I embed the ""Sidebar" CONTAINER EMBEDDED HERE -" code, I don't get this error. This only happens if I call the plugin directly.


9 Dec 28, 2007 23:06

Now I"m getting an error on line 315:

On your latest build, I'm getting an error on line 315:
$summary_text = str_replace($search, $replace, $params['text']);

I definitely appreciate your help... If you think this is related to my own config, don't worry about it. If not, I don't mind if you send me the files via email to make it easy to troubleshoot for us.

10 Dec 28, 2007 23:12

Sorry about this. I should have tested this by calling it the old way. Try this file:

11 Dec 28, 2007 23:23


Two quick comments:

1. -Even though I have unselected the "Summary" checkbox, the summary text still shows up on the right-column.

2.- My Home page is built on the "Blog All" (blog=1) and your code correctly says that "it has zero of everything". It would be cool if your code bypassed blog=1 for the summary text for this particular blog.

Everything else is great. Good work and thanks for writing this. I've seen the code and it looks pretty complicated. Lots of work.


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