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1 Dec 30, 2007 19:53    

My b2evolution Version: 2.3

I didn't find in forum/doc what I'm looking for.
1-Merge RSS main and RSS comment
2-Adding author name to RSS feed

For 1 : I saw one post about it and people don't seem to understand utility of doing that. In my case (private blog), it would be useful to follow the complete discussion about specific posts. I tried juste copy/paste but I'm not sure exactly which part I should use and where to copy it.
For 2 : I suppose I have to use "tag item author" but I dont know where exactly I should copy it and if it need something else.
Thanks a lot!

2 Jan 05, 2008 07:55


Excellent request. I second this motion.

Great suggestions. Hopefully someone can tell us how.


3 Jan 09, 2008 04:22

So anyone personalize their RSS feeds??

Each time, I tried to add my template tags in my RSS, I get XML parser error. I really dont know where I should add it and how, so if someone could help me, I will appreciate a lot.

4 Jan 09, 2008 04:58

Im watching this topic too. Would be good.

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