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1 Dec 27, 2007 17:13    

I'm curious what other users think.

I really like how the youtube plugin offers me a lot more sources that I can link to, but I don't like how I have to click a link to get some super-groovy ajaxy stuff before I can reach the point where I can insert my link.

On the other hand, I like how the video plugin gives me a toolbar that creates a popup window asking for the code for the video I want to link to. BUT I don't like how it only links videos from 5 different sources.

BTW my issue with the complexity of the youtube plugin is why I hacked up a simple toolbar that lets me click ONCE to get the job done. Unfortunately the videos plugin handles it in a nicer way.

So I'm kinda curious what others think. Is the "let me show off my awesome ajax skilz" in the youtube plugin a pain or a benefit? Does the videos plugin "you may link to 5 sources and only 5 sources" problem matter or not?

2 Dec 27, 2007 20:35

My Youtube plugin allows you to search youtube and add a video just by clicking. It could even be used by someone who doesn't know how to cut and paste. The other sites were kind of an afterthought, which is probably why it takes too many clicks to get to them.

Both plugins could benefit from the ability to add more video sites in the admin section. I could change my plugin to reduce the number of clicks needed to get to the additional sites. Right now it's 3 (video plug is 1). But that would also eat up toolbar real estate. I post videos so infrequently that I wouldn't want it using up the space, but if enough people want that, I could add a setting for it or something.

3 Dec 27, 2007 21:32

The toolbar real estate thing is something I recognized after I posted, but I never did figure out how to post a youtube without clicking the "youtube" button on the bottom of the textarea. Just now downloaded the 2.2 version for use. The older one with my stupid little hackjob toolbar buttons worked - assuming I knew the video's special code thing.

For me I'd totally dig on a button in the settings that says "take up some real estate with a bunch of buttons up on top".

Heck I was thinking I would try to mashup the video plugin's popup thing with all the buttons on my hackjob-on-top-of-youtube-plugin, but perhaps I should simply put the energy into adding a setting and offering it back to you? Save you from putting energy into something that doesn't benefit you, and stops me from whining about ajaxyness ;)

4 Dec 28, 2007 00:22

EdB, it's pretty easy to add other video formats to Francois' video plugin, though abbreviating the button texts might be required if you end up with too many :) (is a drop down box possible?)
Most embed/object videos use a similar alpha/numerical ID, though I guess there are some that will prove difficult no matter what.

5 Dec 28, 2007 01:42

Interesting info John. Thanks!

To be fully honest, I have a lot of posts that use youtube as the renderer so - for me - to decide to change would be a heck of a lot of editing of old posts. Thus I looked at it and felt that I personally am better off sticking with personman's plugin.

Anyway I'll check it out. As a guy who has made a couple of simple plugins, I really enjoy opening someone else's work to see what makes it tick. In this case I get to look at TWO that offer benefits .... and have limitations I'm unhappy with.

Cool, Thanks!

6 Dec 28, 2007 02:58

The two plugins can live happily side by side and they won't interfere with each other. As long as you have my plugin installed, it will continue to render the videos for your old posts, even if you use the other method on future posts.

7 Dec 28, 2007 03:16

Also EdB, when you look at the video plugin, you see how easy it is to delete formats and their related buttons.
I now only have YouTube and Google buttons in my toolbar and rendering

8 Dec 28, 2007 10:49

Okay this is going to take more than just looking and thinking. Like, actually investigating what's up! Unfortunately, or fortunately as the case may be, it seems great change is on the horizon...

Let me see if I understand though. The video plugin can be easily tweaked with settings (not editing)? I took a look inside youtube v2.2 and got lost. It's way smart in there, and I'm not up to tinkering with it else I'll break it.

The thing is for me I don't want to have more plugins than I need. I actually delete the ones I don't use from my server because it's like translation packages: unused by me so ... byebye! Feeling the need to make my stupid little "show me the buttons" plugin sucked, but it let me enjoy the benefits of the youtube plugin a bit easier. For me.

Anyway it all sits on the back burner for a little while.

Change is GOOD!

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