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1 Dec 29, 2007 03:06    

Great assets to this community yah?

2 Dec 29, 2007 05:05

Yah. You're a net plus yourself, BTW. :)

4 Dec 29, 2007 18:39

A pony would be cool.

I just know how much work OpenSource is and how much people like you and Ed get taken for granted. :)

5 Dec 29, 2007 18:40

Nope. The "IE doesn't love my toolbar" is the thing.

But hey since you're offering, I sure could use a plugin that makes random rants appear intelligent ;)

6 Dec 29, 2007 18:40

hehe, I was actually talking to the grumpy old git, but thanks ;)


lol, see, I knew it :|

7 Dec 29, 2007 19:26

texasag90 wrote:

... I just know how much work OpenSource is and how much people like you and Ed get taken for granted. :)

Yeah but we also get a lot of thanks for what we do eh? It pretty much works out to an overall positive experience is the thing. Else those who are players now would join those who were players but opted to move on.

EVERYONE that contributes ANYTHING makes the whole thing work better. Questions, answers, and especially the people who say "thanks" when someone tries to help. Heck texasag90 you're turning into a player yah?

Except trolls. Trolls ruin everything. They're like the people at a barbecue who complain if it's too raw or too cooked or too hot or too cold, never actually noticing that it's a nice day and they're being fed. Our Mighty Admin (aka whoo) has pretty much killed the spammers, and the few who get through are quickly banished to muppetania (aka spamhaus), so I can't rag about spammers in here. But trolls happen.

So ... uh ... what kind of pony would you like, where "pony" refers to a groovy feature that is really important to you personally but not something the developers have on their agenda going forward? How about a silly little toolbar that lets you post in a rainbow of colors AND works when you blog via Internet Exploder?

8 Dec 29, 2007 19:46

Man -- I am not sure what I would want. The thing is so feature rich already. I am struggling just to take advantage of what is there.

One thing that would be nice would be an "upgrade package manager" that allowed upgrades to be pulled in with little fuss. I am a little nervous about my upgrade from 2.2 to 2.3 tonight....SMF has a pretty cool approach to this in their backend.

Another thing that would be cool would be better support for the configuration of multiple domains and subdomains in the backoffice.

Finally, I would like to see some authorative best method for taking care of social bookmarks. That really has me scratching my head.

These are all small things. I fell really fortunate to have access to the SW as it is in 2.2. I want to find some time to write a plugin or two in the future, so maybe I can put my money where my ponies are...we'll see.

9 Dec 29, 2007 19:50

A happy customer is a goldmine.

You'll be surprised by the ease of upgrading from 2.2 to 2.3, at least I was.

10 Dec 29, 2007 19:51

I just made a small donation to evo factory -- maybe the core guys can buy a six pack for New Year's Eve.

11 Dec 30, 2007 00:22

Yay, t-shirts, silly stickers and now beer ..... my life is complete :D

If only the FG didn't keep all the money :(

.... ohh well, at least I now have a rainbow toolbar that works in IE ...... bugger, where the hell did I put IE? :roll:


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