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1 Dec 30, 2007 14:46    

I have a set code, that requires JavaScript.
This code basically hides some extra text, so that the user has to click a link, and the text appears.

I want it to be on EVERY post, so that even when you go directly to the post, you still have to click it, a little like a spoiler button.. youre told it is going to be spoiled, but you choose to click it...

Any. how would I set up just two word filters, and a button to whack the code into the posting area?

Word 1
<blockquote><p><a tip="" href="javascript:void(null);" onclick="s_toggleDisplay(document.getElementById('SID25471279'), this, 'give me the info ▼', 'hide it from me ▲');">give me the info ▼</a></p><div id="SID25471279" style="display: none;">

Word 2

And make a button on the post page to put the [spoiler] & [/spoiler] tags in?

If you can understand, and can help, thanks :D

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