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1 May 31, 2004 18:34    

Can't download this skin. Can someone check its path?

2 May 31, 2004 21:08

I think that is really wrong. Graham had a lot of work with the new word press skins. I think that he will update.. maybe today.. or tomorrow..

- Walter

3 May 31, 2004 22:59

Same here...wanted to try it out :(

4 Jun 01, 2004 22:59

It'll be up tomorrow. My real life took over, sorry.

5 Jun 02, 2004 11:14

A h well, I am not in that bigg of a hrurry now, SInce I haven't got my

6 Jun 02, 2004 15:42

Graham wrote:

It'll be up tomorrow. My real life took over, sorry.

Real life? Where'd ya get that? :lol:

7 Jun 10, 2004 17:08

I downloaded and tried to use it and got :

Fatal error: Call to a member function on a non-object in /home/purpleme/public_html/blog/skins/wpc_flower/_main.php on line 16

8 Jun 10, 2004 17:29


You should upgrade to 0.9 now. Moonrise has been upgraded, thanks to Graham. Get the new version from . You might want to customize it a bit, still (keep your old _vars.php.)

Mostly all the skins on that site are for version 0.9. That's why your'e getting the error.

9 Jun 10, 2004 20:03

Yeah I just realized that I downloaded 8.9 and NOT 9.5 DOH! All that time wasted this morning for naught :oops:

Tomorrow night I'll attempt to put up 9.5 and see what happens.

Sorry to bother

10 Jun 27, 2004 18:50

I did get the flower skin d/l before the oslo release. However, The link isn't working again. Would the version differens effect the use of the skin from 9.5 to 9.8?

11 Jun 27, 2004 19:06

It's far more useful to just PM me if there's an error, then I can just fix it.

12 Jun 27, 2004 22:06 has a few bugs that are fixed in Nothing fundamental is changed between the two versions.

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