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1 Dec 31, 2007 19:47    

The file manager regards every file as an image and throws an error when [make posts] with a non image. It does so very ugly (returns the full main backoffice in the tiny window to tell me it's not an image)
There is no possibility to link to a file (e.g. for download in the post). The [make posts] file only works with images and the button can be used for other files.

Thanks to mel_t for reporting it in [url=][2.3.0 RC1] Adding a file in post[/url].


2 Jan 11, 2008 05:32

If someone could give a hint to solved it. I will be happy even with a generic word as "document" or "file" instead of the filename, juste to be sure that file will appear as clickable on post.
I found the php file but it's quite too much complicated for me.
BTW, the correction should also be applied to "Apply this code to your article" after the first upload.

I did a discovery today. If you add a "long title" in properties tab, the inserted link add automaticaly as it should do. But the operation is quite time-consuming and really not easy to apprehend. So if someone could find a solution...

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