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1 Jan 01, 2008 12:28    

I'm bothering, weather I have a Hack too much in my testblog

It seems in the linkblog-widget is only zhe Titel of the post shon, not the Content and therfore no links :?:

2 Jan 01, 2008 13:07

Hi mikel,

I moved this topic to support because I want to be sure there is a bug before we bother the development team.
How did you create the entry in the linkblog. Did you post as a Link or as a Post? That is, in the switchbox next to the Title of the post.

Good luck

3 Jan 01, 2008 16:27

More to the point: is the URL you want to link to in the content of your linkblog post, or in the "link to URL" field of your post? If it is in the content of your linkblog post then we need to know if your skin (and 2.3.0!) are willing to show the actual content. If it is in the "link to URL" field of your linkblog post then we need to troubleshoot why it is not doing what you want.

Hey wait a minute! I think I know this, but I've a lot of reading to do so I'll right now settle for saying "please help us help you by giving us more info AND really digging into the settings to see if there is a place where you can select if titles link to permalinks OR to the "link to URL" field.

The thing is I think this pissed me off and I think the answer was provided to me, but wow I am so burned from three days of hell at work that I can't research properly before answering.

Here's hoping this is enough to help you discover the answer!

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