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1 Jan 02, 2008 16:07    

My b2evolution Version: 2.3.0-rc1


Is it possible to place category tree inside of the content? I mean, to create new post with some description text and the category tree list below with links to the proper categories generated dynamically? So when I will add/remove some categories, this listing will remain valid without me needing to edit this post?

My question is more general too, because I wonder how to place links to other posts in my content that they update properly when I'll move them to the other category path. I mean, is it possible not to write the URL verbosely, but place some "ID" [e.g. the post slug] and make it automatically expanded by the b2 engine to the form of the proper URL, so when I will move the post, that links will remain valid without me needing to edit all the posts where I've linked to the moved post?

2 Jan 15, 2008 07:36

Going through old unanswered posts. This seems ... well I'm not sure I understand you clearly so lets start with getting our terminology lined up.

When you speak of a category tree in the content I immediately think "it won't work because content is considered html and building a dynamic tree is php" but perhaps I'm missing something. You can easily have the categories a post is in listed under the post. If you change those categories later on then the bit under your post will catch up automagically. But not if it was actually IN the post.

The second part of your question sounds like both a plugin and a gardening issue. Slugs do stuff in gardens right? Like they ... slug around and ... make flowers. Somehow. BUT I could see a plugin that lets you do something like this in your post textarea:

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetuer adipiscing elit. In imperdiet porta est. Etiam rhoncus est bibendum nibh fermentum porta. Vestibulum magna. Fusce augue. In non libero quis dolor mollis consectetuer. Integer nec nulla sit amet lacus ultricies convallis. [[LinkToPost:194=Quisque et]] mauris. Integer tincidunt nisi vitae libero. Suspendisse vitae eros. Sed metus orci, accumsan sed, pellentesque eget, commodo sit amet, arcu. Curabitur mauris. Curabitur malesuada tortor nec orci. Nunc quis justo eget nulla porta mattis. Nulla dolor dolor, dapibus non, interdum ut, pulvinar vel, dui. Phasellus molestie pretium sapien. Phasellus pulvinar auctor tellus.

In fact it sounds like something the bbcode plugin might be ideally suited for. But first it is best to make sure we understand each other. I've got this funny feeling you're actually interested in the gardening nature of slugs. ;)

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