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1 Jan 03, 2008 03:56    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I am having a major headache with the VERY beginning!

I just installed version 1.10., and changed the configuration and everything. When I install, nothing happens. So I press go to blog. I get a message MySQL error! Apparently I need to change config of php.ini to php_mysql.dll.

Ive tried downloading PHP program 5.2.5 and MYsql 5.0.2. Ive done the enabling methods. I read all oveer the internet.

I will take any suggestion. Another question? DO i have to upload PHP and MySQL onto server. What server do I use if I have my own site?

Can somebody just help me with step by steps?

Deeply Frustrated,
Potential B2evolution user

2 Jan 03, 2008 04:27

Okay this is a bit confusing, so let's start at the beginning.

Where did you install b2evolution? Most people use it on a publicly accessible website, and most people use a hosting company that supports PHP and MySQL. You should not have to download those tools or install them anywhere.

OTOH if you are trying to "run" it from your computer then you certainly would need to make your computer be like a server. There is a thread in the "chat" forum where Afwas explains how to do that using WAMP.

But anyway let's start at the beginning! What is your domain name, and does your host support PHP and MySQL, and did you install b2evolution on a public server or your own computer?

After this we, meaning people a lot smarter than I, can begin to nail this problem for you.

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