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1 Jan 03, 2008 12:00    

These two strings are missed in /htsrv/login.php

And this is why the login form always display in English while the registration form is localized.

param( 'locale', 'string', $Settings->get('default_locale') );

locale_activate( $locale );

I've put it back and it works fine :roll:

2 May 28, 2009 23:00

I'm about to roll this back, since it makes no sense and it probably intended like it is, e.g. the locale being activated from HTTP_ACCEPT header.

Please activate $debug and put the output of the "locale" section, without your patch applied, of course.

Anyway, the locale handling is centralized in and should stay that way.

If HTTP_ACCEPT should not get used, that's another issue.

Sorry ;)

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