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Preview doesn't work on 2nd domain

Started by on Jan 04, 2008 – Contents updated: Jan 04, 2008

Jan 04, 2008 21:20    

I have one blog running on a different domain, so I'm accessing it by absolute url, and I uncommented the config line for handling multiple domains. But when I write a post for that blog and click Preview, the page only says:


Sorry, there is nothing to display...

Jan 04, 2008 21:35

Are you using a stub file for the second domain? Is the blog ID set correctly there?

Jan 04, 2008 21:45

No stub file. It should be using the same index.php as the default blog on the first domain.

Jan 04, 2008 21:56

YaBBa helped me with this one. I was at the 1st domain with no WWW and the absolute url on the 2nd domain did have a www, so when I previewed, it was trying to look at my 2nd domain with no www, which wasn't working. Adding the www on to the url of the first domain fixed it.

Feb 03, 2008 00:27

Basically, in any such situation, you have to make sure you're logged in on the second domain to be able to preview.

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