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1 Jan 04, 2008 21:20    

I have one blog running on a different domain, so I'm accessing it by absolute url, and I uncommented the config line for handling multiple domains. But when I write a post for that blog and click Preview, the page only says:


Sorry, there is nothing to display...

2 Jan 04, 2008 21:35

Are you using a stub file for the second domain? Is the blog ID set correctly there?

3 Jan 04, 2008 21:45

No stub file. It should be using the same index.php as the default blog on the first domain.

4 Jan 04, 2008 21:56

YaBBa helped me with this one. I was at the 1st domain with no WWW and the absolute url on the 2nd domain did have a www, so when I previewed, it was trying to look at my 2nd domain with no www, which wasn't working. Adding the www on to the url of the first domain fixed it.

5 Feb 03, 2008 00:27

Basically, in any such situation, you have to make sure you're logged in on the second domain to be able to preview.

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