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1 Jan 05, 2008 10:13    

Hey guys,

I've only been using b2e for about a day so far but it looks great! Easy to customise so far which is good :)

Tell me, is there a way to add an additional field to a blog entry? For example I'm traveling quite a lot so I would like to have a field next to the blog title which will show what location I was in when I wrote the entry.
Any help is appreciated :)


2 Jan 15, 2008 07:51

Hello rob.perrett! Haven't seen you in a long time eh? Not since that little "incident" in the bar in Venezuela. Glad you got away too ;)

This is very easy to do with a plugin, but one must know what you want to do with this info. Making an extra field for you to type into (or will it be a select list, or will it be GPS coords for eventual use with google maps?) isn't all that hard. DOING something with the info later isn't hard either, but we should know what type of input and how it will be outputted before we can go the next step.

3 Jan 15, 2008 15:14

I had a plugin that allowed you to do define extra fields. I just updated it to work with 2.3.0, but I stripped out some of the functionality (like a list in the sidebar that you can click on to narrow the page down to only posts with a certain value for a certain field).

Looking at this now, I think it may be best accomplished with categories and tags. The core app already handles these, including using them to filter the list of posts on a page. You can create a category called Location, then several sub-categories for your various locations. Or, if you want to type the location in freely when you're posting, use tags.

You're welcomed to try out my plugin, but unless we can think of an advantage this has over using categories and tags, I may never finish and release it.

4 Jan 15, 2008 20:18

I could see benefits not possible with cats or tags. For example a big road trip, so each time you post you pick the state you're in and get a big-size flag inside your post. Or put in "city/state" and get it as a sub-title to the actual post.

5 Feb 02, 2008 10:58

I am really interested in this plugin because is very easy to admin and you can add and name the extrafields as you want.The sidebar functionallity coul be very usefull!

6 Feb 02, 2008 19:26

The problem with doing a plugin for extra posting fields is what EXACTLY will the extra fields do?

Somewhere, but never given out to the public, I have a plugin that adds 3 or 4 extra fields for bloggers to fill in. What I do with the fields is ... complex. Basically it's a contest plugin, but it is very specific to my actual needs.

So like a field for city/state (or whatever) to use as a sub-title isn't so hard, but it is the purpose that defines the plugin. Like it would be the "sub title plugin" for example. Extending this to also throw a little bit into the post content (a flag for example) is another thing that further defines the specific purpose of the plugin.

If all you want to do is filter by an extra field then personman is spot-on: you can already to that with blogs and cats and subcats and tags, so what would be the point of a plugin duplicating that effort?

A plugin that allows crazy-mad flexibility by letting the admin build extra fields on the fly would be ... crazy! I think it could be done, but again: what exactly will the extra fields do with regard to what your visitors experience?

* heck even a sub-title plugin sounds in my mind like it would be a plugin that depends on editing your skin file...

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