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1 Jun 02, 2004 00:58    

Howdy all,

I put up a couple of new blogs over the weekend. One is for my sister, the other for my parents. Both of them picked up b2evo with next to no lessons from me. While our system may not appear to be as polished as some of the other blog-tools, this experiment goes to show that it isn't any more difficult.

The URLs are: - my sister's blog - my parents blog

Any thoughts or comments you have, just send 'em my way...

2 Jun 02, 2004 09:19

On 'keeping up with us' I got a error browsing with ie 6.0.28 on line 21
'object required'

3 Jun 02, 2004 15:15

Ahh... Thanks. There's some javascript in there that isn't being used yet. That's probably what the error is.

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