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1 Jan 25, 2008 12:47    

I hope this is the right place to ask the following: I have currently a translation to Spanish (es-VE) of b2evo for my current version (2.3.0), which is only 79% complete and to which I make additions and changes as times goes by, when I find time to work on the translation file.

I see in the CVS there are ongoing translation files for fr-FR and de-DE. I believe it would be useful for people downloading the CVS versions to have a spanish translation already in place (or, conversely, you can say I want my translation to be distributed along the official CVS version as the software is evolving). This way, if there's any other person contributing to the development and wants to correct/add anything to the translation, he/she can do it more easily, I guess.

Is this possible? How do we proceed? Am I out of order for asking this?

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