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1 Feb 03, 2008 16:54    

Here's my two pennorth on the file upload interface in 2.4 after having used it now for a while.

It's a useful bit of work that really helps me post - I usually put 3 or more photos in with my posts and this is a great way to do it. So I'm thinking about how it could be made even better.

ALT and TITLE options for images: bring these back please. It's important to have both alt and title for accessibility reasons as well as SEO and the default is now for images to have neither, whereas in 1.x the blank boxes were just staring at you so they were hard to forget. I'd also like to optionally link the two so title is automatically the same as alt unless otherwise edited, because I can't really think of any normal reason why alt and title would need to be different. NB Non-image files should not have ALT.

Multiple upload screen - it's a bit confusing coming to this screen two different ways. 'Upload' and 'multiple upload' are actually the same thing. No problem, but it seems puzzling at first. The 'UPLOAD' link on the top right of the files screen is probably redundant. Just make one link from the tab and call it 'upload'. Users will notice the multiple bit soon enough if necessary.

MP3 should be a default filetype now we have podcasts.

Creating html for a recently uploaded file ready to drop into the current post is really useful. Could this be extended to files uploaded in the past?


2 Feb 03, 2008 18:16


The "long title", "alternative text", and "caption / description" fields are all still there, but wow it'd be nice if they were available at the moment you upload a photo. Especially for the photoblogger yah?

3 Feb 04, 2008 09:42

Oh, yeah, I'd forgotten the caption! That's the best of all. I don't use that much but when I do, it's a piece of cake. These days from 2.4 it's quicker to go to an old 1.8 post and copy/paste the code. Something missing there, for sure.

4 Feb 04, 2008 14:52

1) When you are on the upload multiple screen, click on "Show advanced upload properties" :!:

2) Files uploaded in the past:open the files window from post editing, then select the files you want, then click the img button.

5 Feb 05, 2008 00:35

Thanks, Fran├žois, I should have looked further. I consider myself told! I'll use that feature for every upload.

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