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1 Jan 29, 2008 21:10    

Hi all.

I've updated my b2evo to 2.4. Great release!

One question: before, to my about page, I was using longdesc, following a tipo posted here. With mod_rewrite, my about page was in that url: .

In 2.4, I decided to change that to a page. I've created a page caled sobre in devlog, accessible in . But, when I tried to create a page named like that in myblog about b2evolution, it gets names 'sobre-1' If I try to access I get myself redirected to .

Does anyone have some idea of what can I do?

I want a post called 'sobre' (about) on each of my public blogs, caled 'sobre' in the url itself.

The urltitle_validate verifies if the urltitle is unique. Can someome tell me why? It's not clear to me :)

2 Jan 31, 2008 05:53

Hi Walter. I believe this is so that b2evolution will be able to find the right post from any given inbound link. Given that there are many configurations to URLs, and that it is easy to imagine matching almost all of bits of URLs there must always be something that is totally unique. So the post ID is (of course) unique, but if your URLs go by post title then ... well ... uniqueness is needed yah?

Will it work for you to identify what you are "about"ing? "About Blog", "About Life", "About About Pages"?

3 Jan 31, 2008 11:54

Hi Ed!

Well, sonner or later I will figure out [:)].

Thank you for yout sugestion!

- Walter

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