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Started by on Feb 08, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 08, 2008

1 Feb 08, 2008 19:58    

Just started do it for evo 2.4.0 (should be ok for previous versions too), anybody wants join? Should be good if he/she speaks hungarian :-)

2 Feb 08, 2008 21:31

Peter I can't help you translate but I CAN thank you for your efforts!

Translation is one of the things that b2evolution really needs and must depend on users who are both fluent in another language and good enough with English to make it happen.

If you run into technical issues with translating please post for help as some of us know about that stuff. And if another Hungarian blogger joins your translation effort that will be twice as good yah?

3 Feb 09, 2008 00:27

Thanx, I do have a question :-)
PoEdit gives me a "fatal error" every time I save the Po file:

16:20:08: ../lc_messages/l10n folder/messages.po:5612: format specifications in 'msgid' and 'msgstr' for argument 1 are not the same
16:20:08: /Applications/ found 1 fatal error

Ignoring that, I could upload and extract the file, it works fine. Should it bother me?

4 Feb 09, 2008 00:32

I faintly remember something. Do check your personal settings, version and other metadata. Leaving things blank resulted in an error. But that's from memory.

Good luck

5 Feb 09, 2008 00:49

I have filled all...Ok if it works. I just hate the word FATAL, unless it's Femme :-)

6 Feb 09, 2008 01:00

Peter wrote:

I just hate the word FATAL, unless it's Femme :-)

Live fast, die young, and leave a woman nagging at yer graveside ;)


7 Feb 18, 2008 22:42

in the notifying mails the local characters are screwed up, like this:

[WP blog] Új beküldés: "Világbajnok a Ringen"
instead of:
[WP blog] Új beküldés: "Világbajnok a Ringen"

but only at the Subject, body is perfect.

Anybody has an idea why?

8 Feb 19, 2008 14:54

Related to the fatal error, I think it has to do with a mismatch of printf-like formats, like, for instance, if you use a %s (a string format) instead of a %d (integer format) in a printf statement.

Re your screwed up chars, that has likely to do with a charset specification problem. Maybe your PO-file is in UTF-8 while b2evo is in iso-8859-x (x = whatever it fits for eastern european scripts) or vice-versa.

Hope this helps and good luck!

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