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Started by on Feb 06, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 06, 2008

1 Feb 06, 2008 01:54    

hello, I am translating B2evolution and in message number 1572 there is text Plugin rendering updated. When I translate it normally I am prompted that there is invalid control sequence. Do I miss something? hmm, it is strange since it is normal text.

Please advise.

CLosed Kbable version 1.11.4 opened it again and translated message number 1572 normally. Probably bug in Kbabel. :(


2 Feb 20, 2008 15:57

Hi veki, what language are you translating to? Just curious.

3 Feb 20, 2008 22:25


I translated to Serbian language and tetsing translation these days. I will complete tests in a few days and submit translation to be downloadable.



4 Sep 16, 2008 08:42

Hello Vedran, I can test your translation and correct any errors in the language, if you are interested of course.

Sincerely (Pozdrav)

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