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1 Feb 13, 2008 10:41    

This plugin is a port of the [url=]Audio player plugin[/url] for wordpress. It "sort of" retains the same functionality and settings and stuff like that, but does it with much more flair and is better suited to the multiblog arena that b2evo plays around in

As per usual there's a shedload of settings associated with the plugin (blame the original author not me ;) ),the defaults can be set in admin and overridden by skintag call(s) to allow them to be tweaked on a per skin basis.

To get the plugin and find more then visit the plugins home page ( [url=]AM Audio Player[/url] )

Have fun ;)


2 Mar 06, 2008 18:52

So im new to blogging, and have figured most things out except the am_audio plug in that allows me to stream mp3s. I downloaded it from the site, put it in my plugins folder and configured in the backoffice. I have an mp3 named test.mp3 residing in multiple folders (due to my attempts at figuring this out) inlcuding the following (which mirrors what is in backoffice configuration)

I then create a new post with only the following
When i preview it, it shows me the code not the flash player
ive also tried
[audio:test.mp3] , same thing happens

Do more code above and below it?

4 Mar 06, 2008 19:17

Merged topics. Tidyness counts!

5 Oct 05, 2008 17:29

I am using b2evo 2.4.2 evocamp.
Didn't work for me either >:-<

Does anyone use it?
Could you give a detailed manual, because all I ever get is a code on the page, but the plugin does not work?

6 Oct 05, 2008 18:25

Palit wrote:

I am using b2evo 2.4.2 evocamp.
Didn't work for me either >:-<

Does anyone use it?
Could you give a detailed manual, because all I ever get is a code on the page, but the plugin does not work?

It it is standard in 2.4.2.
You don't need an extra plugin anymore

7 Jan 31, 2009 00:15

I'm just in the process of setting up a blog using version 2.4.5

Didn't realise this plugin was a standard (didn't see it!) and therefore installed it.

It all works fine using ....

<!-- amAudioPlayer /relative/path/to/mp3/from/$baseurl/name_of_mp3.mp3 -->

My question is, how difficult is it (and can someone help) to have a button for this. Inserting code is fine, however this will hopefully be used at a primary school and a button would be much easier for kids between 7 and 11.

Thanks. B)

8 Jan 31, 2009 04:36

Hi solutioNZ,

Crack open /plugins/video_plugin/_video.plugin.php and add around line 73:

	// music (mp3 etc)
	$content = preg_replace( '~\[video:music:(.+?)]~', '<!-- amAudioPlayer \\1 -->', $content );

and around line 110:

	echo '<input type="button" id="video_music" title="'.T_('Insert music file').'" class="quicktags" onclick="videotag(\'music\');" value="Music" />';

(not tested)

Good luck

9 Jan 31, 2009 05:09

Thanks Afwas, appreciate your help.

I've done as you suggested and the button appears without a problem. However, when I put the link in and publish it, I basically get a blank/empty post. For what it's worth I also just tried the Flash plugin before (still installed). The button is there but nothing happens when I add url and size. Get the same blank post.

Sorry, not a total idiot, just not used to b2 yet. B)

10 Jan 31, 2009 05:35

In Dashboard -> Global settings -> Plugins click AM music plugin and set it's priority to 70. The priority of the Video plugin is 65 and the Music player plugin must be loaded after the Video plugin generates the code for he Music plugin.


Good luck

11 Jan 31, 2009 20:39

Unfortunately it is still not working. It was very late when I did all this, so I've double checked it all this morning. All code etc appears to be in the right place and the priority of the Music plugin is now 70.

Must be something I've done, but not sure what.

12 Jan 31, 2009 21:53

Is there any output in the Write textarea. After you've entered the filename for the mp3 in the popup it should say:


If it doesn't check the first line of code.

Else return to this topic ;)

Good luck

13 Jan 31, 2009 23:44

Thanks for helping with this. Would honestly be lost without people like you helping. B)

There is no output after entering filename. Having said that, it looks as if none are working - video or Flash ones either. Should I upload _video.plugin.php for you to look at?

14 Jan 31, 2009 23:48

yes please.

Zip it up.upload to your server and provide me a link.
That would be easiest.

16 Feb 01, 2009 00:29

Hi solutioNZ,

Due to a charset issue I can't resend you the file. It uses ¤ as regex delimiters. If you can't see that character in this post you get an idea of what the problem is.
Try fix:
Place the line:

echo '<input type="button" id="video_music" title="'.T_('Insert music file').'" class="quicktags" onclick="videotag(\'music\');" value="Music" />';

right before

echo T_(' Flash').': ';

instead of right before:

echo '<div class="edit_toolbar">';

Good luck

17 Feb 01, 2009 00:48

I've done that and it has moved the "Music" button so it is on the same line as the other buttons. However, still nothing in the Write text area - for any of them. :'(

19 Feb 01, 2009 04:12

Sorry, that still doesn't put anything in the Write text area.

UPDATE: Hmmm! I never mentioned that I was using Firefox as my browser. I just tried Internet Explorer and it worked. Why would that be? I tried the b2 online Demo using Firefox before and that inserted a video fine. I'm confused. 8|

20 Feb 01, 2009 04:37

Has the original video plugin without modifications ever worked?
What other renderer type plugins are installed (see the box in Write/Edit)?
Do you have any HML editor like TnyMCE or FCK installed?

21 Feb 01, 2009 04:42

Please see my update in post above.

I'm not sure if this ever worked with Firefox as I hadn't tried it. AM Audio Player and Sorted Public Bloglist are the only extras I've added. Did try FCK editor but uninstalled as seemed to have a few problems.

22 Feb 01, 2009 04:53

try to get an unedited version with one from a fresh download. That should be a starting point. I have no clue what FireFox would have to do with this.

23 Feb 01, 2009 04:58

Thanks, I'll do that. I should still have the original as I normally keep everything. I'll try that and see if the original works. B)

24 Feb 01, 2009 05:38

I've just tested using the _videoplug.plugin.php from a brand new installation and it doesn't work. Therefore it's something else in the installation. Is there a way to "check" the installation or am I better starting from scratch? It would be a lot of work, but better now than later.

I also installed the AM Audio Player Plugin on the new installaton and then tried our edited _videoplug.plugin.php and it works perfectly. Even in Firefox! :p

25 Feb 01, 2009 05:41

From that backup you have upload the complete /inc/ folder to the server. If there's a broken file or something missing it's likely in that folder.
Don't worry, likely the only thing you need to restore a B2evo install is uploading some files.

Do not touch the /media/ folder or the /skins/ folder on the server. Try to avoid overwriting the /conf/ and the /plugins/ folder.

26 Feb 01, 2009 06:21

I've fully uploaded the /inc/ folder, but unfortunately still no good. :'(

27 Feb 01, 2009 06:34

PM me:
- URL of your site
- Login/password for the blog
- URL to FTP site
- Login/password to FTP.

and I'll have a closer l

Good luck

28 Feb 01, 2009 06:57

Thanks. PM with login details sent. B)

29 Feb 01, 2009 07:12


I found this error or security notice just after I tried to add a video:

Permission denied for <> to get property Window.b2evo_Callbacks from <>.
textarea_wrap_selection(textarea#itemform_post_content.form_textarea_input, "[video:youtube:functions.js (regel (224)]", "", 1, Document admin.php?ctrl=items&action=new)functions.js (regel (224)
videotag("[video:youtube:functions.js (regel (224)]") (regel (487)
onclick(click clientX=357, clientY=313) (regel (2)
[Break on this error] && window.opener.b2evo_Callbacks

referring to functions.js line 224

223 if( window.opener
224 && window.opener.b2evo_Callbacks
225 && ( typeof window.opener.b2evo_Callbacks != "undefined" ) )
226 { // callback in parent document (e.g. "Files" popup)
227 if( window.opener.b2evo_Callbacks.trigger_callback( "wrap_selection_for_", hook_params ) )
228 {
229 return;
230 }
231 }

I've asked the blonde who is an expert on plain javascript. I hold this for a server restriction due to security. We'll see

30 Feb 01, 2009 07:29


It works properly if you open a new tab in Firefox and then go to your site and write a post.
I made a testpost in blog=1

This is not a security issue, but a bug. Likely in Firefox. I can safely remove the wrecked function. That will cure the problems for you.

31 Feb 01, 2009 07:33

I cured the bug for now. Will see if there is a permanent solution.
Don't forget to remove the testpost at /blogs2009/blog1.php

Have fun

32 Feb 01, 2009 19:21

Thanks once again for all the time you put into this. B)

I thought for a minute when I tested it that it still wasn't working, but after refreshing the page it seems to be fine! :p

Seems strange other people haven't had a problem with this at all.

33 May 12, 2009 10:02

I've downloaded this plugin but I'm having some problems. The song stops every few seconds so he can Buffer. Than half way the song it gets stuck totally.

Any idea what the problem could be?

Ill make a post especially for you to check. It will be the very first post "test" of the blog.

34 May 12, 2009 14:38

Hi nlvn32,

It's running fine here. I think you're experiencing lags in your internet connection.

Good luck

35 May 12, 2009 15:30

Afwas wrote:

Hi nlvn32,

It's running fine here. I think you're experiencing lags in your internet connection.

Good luck

Tnx for the effort. I checked it again but it's not working with fire fox. if I use IE its working perfect.

36 May 12, 2009 15:41

It's still running fine here.
Firefox 3.1, Firefox 3.5 and Opera 9.6 all on Linux 64bit. If this is a Windows related issue I can't be of any help.

Good luck

37 Dec 12, 2009 03:09

I was trying to change the colors of the player (can't do it. weird, but not important) and reset the player settings. I kind of panicked until I read this post (it was the render number). Belated thanks.

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