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1 Feb 21, 2008 17:44    

I have the Add My Digg plugin v.1.9 installed and working great. I'm on b2evo v.1.10.3. However, when Digging a secondary blog with the same date as the initial blog, the link is listed as that of the initial blog.

I tried the newer AM Digg plugin 2.2.2 but it presented a DB error:

MySQL error!

Table 'dbname_bvlt1.T_items__prerendering' doesn't exist(Errno=1146)

Your query:

FROM T_items__prerendering 

So I don't know if this was fixed in that version or not.

To better explain the problem, here's an example:

Post A dated 2/21/2008
Post B listed under the same date
Post C listed under the same date

"Digg This" links for Posts B and C have the URL for Post A.

Here's the link to the site...

Is there a workaround?

Thank you.

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