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1 Feb 23, 2008 03:35    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

I just discovered that the "Edit" button from the frontend (as I am logged in) doesn't work right. Pressing this button I get an error (Forbidden).

The "Edit" button from the dashboard (same blog post) works fine.

So I compared both links and now I can see that the link that is not working has something like this in the redirect part:


This doesn't work. But changing it to


just works fine. Is there any possibility to change the link so that it doesn't have the http:// anymore?

2 Feb 24, 2008 17:12

Hi jenno,

Do you have a link to your blog so we can have a look?

3 Feb 27, 2008 13:47

I do not really have a link because so far only administrators can log in into the blog.

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