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240 tiny little buggy things with the filemanager

Started by on Feb 28, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 28, 2008

Feb 28, 2008 07:25    

Go to Files and it is in the root folder (I go by blogs) sorted alphabetically by name with the As on top and the Zs at the bottom. Switch to a different blog and for some reason the Zs are on top and the As are at the bottom. :-/

Feb 29, 2008 19:31

the blogs are not sorted alphabetically, nor in the order they have been created
it's random and not easy to find your way when you have 30 blogs...

Mar 01, 2008 05:57

Wow I didn't even notice that. For me they seem to be in the order I created them, but I have I think only 10 so maybe it's a coincidence.

Alphabetically listing the blogs (or users or skins) in the file manager dropdown and still have the listing be this way or that way would be much better than having random blog/user/skin order but have the names always be the same way.

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