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Additional blog pages beyond default 3

Started by on Feb 29, 2008 – Contents updated: Feb 29, 2008

Feb 29, 2008 22:15    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

While I'm sure this question has been answered, probably countless time before. I wasn't able to find it after searching for a while. I'm new at this, please bear with me here...

I'm using version 2.4.0-rc2 and can't quite seem to figure this out. The blog comes default with blog a, blog b, link blog, which I use, or more correctly, each member of my band uses. However, there are 4 members to the band, and each would like to be able to post a blog in their own seperate page.

How on EARTH do I add a fourth to the top right corner that people can easily click on and navigate too. My poor singer is crying like a little girl because he hasn't been included. Can anybody help?

I've been using the program for about a week now, and the "backoffice" doesn't seem to have an easy solution. I'm not even sure the "backoffice" is the correct term for what I'm talking about!

Please forgive my newbness, just frustrated and looking for help.


Feb 29, 2008 22:31

Blog settings -> List -> New blog... and from there it's pretty straightforward.

Feb 29, 2008 22:41

Well... as straightforward as it may sound... um... lol

Here's what I see. The list of the blogs currently being used. Now, I would assume that I would add a new blog by clicking a button, however I'm unable to locate it.

I realize that blog 4 would of course be the new php file, and it exists in my directory, however I can't find a way to add. I can change the order. I can edit categories, properties, or delete the blogs... just can't figure out the ADD function.

Feb 29, 2008 22:53

In the upper right corner ? ;)

Feb 29, 2008 22:56

Click "List" on the left then "New blog..." on the right.

Feb 29, 2008 23:01

I'm now officially embarrased.

I'm don't see this new blog button. Perhaps it's a version thing? Or the skin doesn't have it? I'm trying to get a screen shot of what I'm looking at right now to hopefully make this easier on you guys.

Thanks for all the help thus far...

Feb 29, 2008 23:10

Ugh, well, that url works. It'll bring up the screen shot of exactly what I'm looking at if that even helps at all.

Maybe I should stick to music instead of php and web design... ;)

Feb 29, 2008 23:13

I guess because it's a bmp image.

Feb 29, 2008 23:15

Are you logged in as ID #1, or at the very least is your login name in the Administrators group ... or have the permissions required to make a new blog?

Heck it dawns on me I don't have a clue where to go to set permissions anymore because I'm my only blogger and am logged in as ID #1, but I'm guessing your login identity doesn't have permission to create new blogs.

Feb 29, 2008 23:16

For your problem: make sure you're logged in as admin or at least have admin rights.

Good luck

Feb 29, 2008 23:18

Looks like on the Users tab you can click the name of the group to see that group's permissions, but that probably depends on being in a group that is allowed to see the permissions ;)

Feb 29, 2008 23:19

EdB wrote:

Looks like on the Users tab you can click the name of the group to see that group's permissions, but that probably depends on being in a group that is allowed to see the permissions ;)

and / or: if you don't have admin rights you won't be allowed to give yourself admin rights.

Feb 29, 2008 23:24

I'm most certainly the admin. With a level of ten. I'm user id 1.

What am I missing here?

Feb 29, 2008 23:36

AFAIK you're not missing anything. PM me some login credentials (group 1 level 10) and I'll poke around to see if I can figure something out.

Feb 29, 2008 23:53

On Users, Administrators, set "Blogging permissions" section "Blogs" item to "Full access" allows creation of new blogs. In this case it was set to "Depending on each blog's permissions".

ChrisFlatlined I left you set up to add a new blog and don't see any reason why you would need to revert that setting to it's original, but that's up to you.


Mar 01, 2008 19:46

Wow, thanks so much for all your help. Now I see what it sounded like such a simple problem to solve, that add new blogs button is huge. lol.


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