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1 Mar 05, 2008 04:15    

even by my standards. Go to your hit summary page. The first subtab, but really any stats page with a chart will do. Now scroll the page until the line that says "This page includes all recorded hit........" just barely disappears out the top of the browser window. Go ahead - I'll wait for you.

Okay now real careful like, move your mouse until one of the dropdowns from the evobar drops down. admin on the right or b2evolution on the left eh?


Now scroll the page up and down. The chart becomes invisible above a line equal to the bottom of the selection list that dropped down from admin or b2evolution.

I've been every now and then plagued with my cursor going invisible when posting and I think I just now figured out what was triggering the vanishing act. In that case ONLY the flashing line thing goes byebye.

Firefox 2.0.whatever it is because I let it update when it wants to, b2evolution 2.4.0-RC2 and no hacks that should have affected this, but it happens on ALL my b2evo installations and at least one of them is completely un-hacked. Haven't tried it from my localhost setup, and I will not be seeing if this happens in IE because I don't use that POS for anything but ... heck I forget what it's good for but it must be good for something because I haven't removed it from my computer...

3 Mar 05, 2008 04:48

One day I'm gonna have to add to the list of sites my hot-link protector allows so I can do cool stuff like that. Till then I'll write little books that *should* be worth at least one screen cap ;)

4 Mar 05, 2008 04:59

My proposed caption is: A Picture Says More Than A Thousand Words

5 Mar 05, 2008 05:12

Hey this is cool. I decided to hack the evobar (which I didn't use on the front side anyway) and now have no drop-down menus AND quick paths to the sub-tabs I like. Plugins, Plugins Install, Blog Widgets, File manager with multiple upload and expand all the boxes - stuff like that. PLENTY of room up there when you wipe out the duplicated stuff :)

6 Mar 05, 2008 18:50

urm, when I scroll my screen the toolbar wanders off with it? ..... hmmmm .... /me goes to look @ version ...... is 0.9.3 old?

/me tries 2.4.x ...... ohhhhh, trippy


7 Apr 03, 2008 12:21

I can't understand what you are really talking about but I imagine you must be having fun. But the word 'trippy' really got me going. So thanks ¥åßßå

8 Jul 01, 2008 04:05

If I understand correctly, the Flash stats movie is partially disappearing?

I've run into that a lot... Flash has this weird issue where it hates HTML elements in DIV layers appearing on top of it, and then doesn't like to "repaint" itself.

It's made it hellish to make websites that have a Flash element playing, and a dropdown HTML nav above it.

Very selfish, Flash is. :)


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