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1 Mar 05, 2008 23:17    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

I recently upgraded from 2.2 to 2.4 (awesome!, thanks all).
So far, I have 2 new issues perhaps YOU could help with:

1- "permanent link to full entry" on a public post leads to this error message:
"No input file specified."


2- I have a custom page made to only display the post content, not the skin w/headers, footers, etc. With version 2.2 I could pass the params
(as listed in the docs here:

posts=1&cat=-17 (category exclusion)

now neither work as they did. User is redirected to the blog index page and away from the custom page. However, catsel[] (catsel%5B%5D) does work just fine, no redirection. (but is not ideal since I can not use this in exclusion mode).

Any help before I go tearing through the voluminous source code would be greatly appreciated.

2 Mar 16, 2008 04:56

Just a guess, but try turning off all the URL options that create "looks like folders" URLs - select the option for "looks like params" instead. You know - the ones that have ?this=that&foo=bar in them. IF this helps you it is because your server can not handle the "pretty" URLs, but I don't know what it takes to make servers handle them.

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