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1 Mar 07, 2008 20:19    

Just a thought here. Probably belongs in a different forum, but it's a thought about plugin development so there ya go.

Is there any value in developing a "master list" of translatable terms in plugins? Like, not all text in all plugins will be valuable to other plugins, but sometimes some stuff will be quite consistent. Also if there was a "master list" a plugin author might choose to pull bits from that list to ease the translation process.

For example:

  • Click this box to enable a cool feature

  • Check this box to turn on this neat part

  • Check to enable the next setting[/list:u]

  • All of these contain the same basic idea but use different text to get there. So if the non-existent "master list" contained

  • Check this box to enable

  • Check this box to disable[/list:u]

  • A plugin author would be in a position to use something like this in their settings:

    'note' => T_('Check this box to enable').' '.T_('the coolest feature you\'ve ever seen'),

    Dunno how b2evo would have to work to interpret first the master then the plugin-specific .po file, and don't really care given that I do English Only, but anyway it seems like a neat idea so there ya go!

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