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1 Mar 15, 2008 03:13    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Any way to increase the characters for the 'short name' in the blogs general settings? 12 isn't enough.

b2evolution 2.4.0-rc2


2 Mar 15, 2008 04:32

I was able to locate the MYSQL change... but can't find the file with the general parameters.

Open MYSQL database and review evo_blogs
Change the length/values in table "blog short name" from 12 to 20.

... need help from here


3 Mar 15, 2008 04:41

This was covered once before for a version in the past. Thus I suggest searching the forums for "change short name" and seeing what it returns. When you find the old thread you'll probably find the wrong file names and such, but it will be a good head start I think on where you need to be looking.

Good luck, and do report your success as others will want this knowledge as well.

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