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1 Mar 17, 2008 06:28    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

I have been exploring several tools for improving my blog rankings ;) and thought I would have a look at meta tags.

By viewing others source code I found a couple of pieces of meta info instead of the list of words usually seen.

Here is one

<META http-equiv="PICS-Label" content='(PICS-1.1 "" l gen true comment "RSACi North America Server" by "SiteURLemail" for "SiteURL" on "1997.06.25T09:01-0500" r (n 0 s 0 v 0 l 0))'>


<meta http-equiv="pics-label" content='(pics-1.1 "" l gen true for "blogurl" r (ca 1 lz 1 nz 1 oh 1 vz 1) "" l gen true for "blogurl" r (n 0 s 0 v 0 l 0))' />
<meta http-equiv="pragma" content="no-cache">

Both are using a programme or service called "PICS-Label" which I presume is generating/ storing/ sharing the Meta Tags, as neither of the sites had anything startling in their page header or subtitle to rank higher than mine!

I searched for "PICS-label" but much of what I found was gobbledygook and not a straight forward "this is what is it" or "this is how you implement it".

Can someone here explain please :?:

Is their an estimated time until there will be manual page or somewhere with more precise information about the SEO in the back office? Who are these dudes that want to tell us what to do?

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