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1 Mar 18, 2008 12:24    

Hello I been looking for a plugin that will allow me to post .mpg files one my family blog from the server that the blog is installed on but can't find any

thanks for any help in the matter

2 Mar 18, 2008 13:01

Have you tried to add .mpg to the file type list?
In Admin, go to the Global Settings tab then select Files and then click on New File Type

3 Mar 18, 2008 13:31

yeap done that need something that will play the file on the blog when I try to post a .mpg file it tells me that it can't post cause it isn't an image I'm using the photoblog skin could that be the source of my problem ?

5 Mar 18, 2008 20:48

ok it plays audio but how do I get it to play video ?

7 Mar 18, 2008 21:34

hmm can't find that plugins zip file other seems to be what I'm looking for

8 Mar 26, 2008 19:15

hey john, does the plug in you suggested work for 1.10.2 and also does it allow for users to upload files around 75mb?

9 Jun 10, 2008 19:33

I have version 2.4.0-rc2 and I'm trying to play an avi file. I've added .avi to my file types and here is the code I'm using, which works great for mp3 files,but for some reason I cannot get this to play an avi file.

<div align="center"><embed type="application/x-mplayer2" pluginspage="" name="mp1" ShowStatusBar="false" EnableContextMenu="false" AUTOSTART=false width="400" height="350" loop="false" src=""></embed></div>

mime types I've tried:
avi => video/msvideo
avi => video/x-msvideo

can some one tell me where I'm going wrong here?

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