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1 Mar 26, 2008 18:25    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Is there a way in the code that i can change the core files to link the tags requested to a search query page? Here is an example of what i would like to happen:

original Url (how B2 is constructed now);

i would like it to look as if it were searched like this:

Basically i would like it so that it no longer appends the ";" for search engine frendliness and instead tags no longer use the "stupid;" format but a more reliable and logical "?s=stupid&sentence=AND&submit=Search"

Is there a way to do this from the core of B2 i know it seems simple but i'm a ilttle bit of a newbie to this and i don't want to have to change it via htaccess it just seems too complicated and it might mess up all the other lovely little things that i have going on right now. Please help and i appreciate any advice that you can give



3 Mar 27, 2008 03:47

It worked perfectly for what i wanted to do...see google takes off the semi-colon and i wanted the tags to be searched and have it apparent to the user that they are initiating a search, worked perfectly ...thank you so much and i think i'm starting to love this system its so flexible!

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