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1 Mar 27, 2008 19:31    

I did some searching and found what appears to be my issue with a reference to "extended categories" and "sticky posts" and these being on a "to do list". Of course that was in 2004!!

My issue is that I run a political blog with tons and tons of categories:

if you click on say the Senate page from the top menu - you see a category list of every state that has a Senate race - what I would like to do is have a post (or even a description) that remains on top for each category that would allow me to introduce the candidate(s) for that race. Or in the case of the House elections... perhaps list the various House races.

Most of the hacks and suggestions I found appear to be prior to 2.X (which I am running). Seems like a fairly simple and worthwhile plug in (ability to use category descriptions or sticky posts for categories) - anything on the horizon or does anyone have a decent (and not too complicated) suggestion?

Of course I suppose I could simply create 200 some odd blogs and roll them into each other.... but that seems like alot of extra work.

2 Apr 03, 2008 02:54

Without making any promises of success or a time frame, I'm going to add this to my "watch this topic" list so that maybe I can craft something up. Because yeah it seems like a cool idea.

3 Apr 09, 2008 02:11

Here's the plan on the todo list: you will be able to mark posts as "featured" aka "sticky" and the last featured post of a category will be displayed when you look at that cat.

Can't promise I'll get to it faster than Ed though :p

4 Apr 10, 2008 21:22

I would recommend that you have the ability to turn off the time stamp, auther, etc... so that it can look more like a generic lead in.

5 Jan 29, 2009 00:16

Ok, b2evo v3.0.0 has "intro" posts (in addition to featured posts)
The intro don't display the details and look more like lead ins.

(requires compatible skin.)

6 Jan 29, 2009 00:24

OFF TOPIC: uh-oh.

If fplanque is in the forums a new version can't be too far away. And I just now finally got an installation that can't go public for a month up to 2.4.6!

8 Jul 19, 2009 08:07

Hi all, read this post with interest...I "think" this would help me. What I want to do is list the most recent post with an excerpt...for each a sideblog. The site I'm working on is temporarily at I'd appreciate any help you can offer

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