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1 Apr 01, 2008 00:05    

I've found a thread where John tells us how to create custom pages using index_phpdisp (e.g. "about me"). Unfortunately I'm not allowed to access this thread, so I have to post my question here.

My site ( runs in two languages. I use one blog for each language. Everything runs smoothly. However, the menu tab in my German version which should lead me to my German "About Page" always gets me right into the English version of my site.

Does anyone have an idea what I could do?

Thanks in advance for your time!

2 Apr 01, 2008 00:27

I just visited your site and selected the Deutsch tab the about tab and here is what it presented...

"Über uns


Die Idee zur Website von Pics-and-Models wurde 1999 während einer Party in Prag geboren. Der Gedankenaustausch zwischen einigen Fotografen, Computerfachleuten und Models mündete in der Feststellung, daß durch die Bündelung und Vereinigung der vorhandenen Bedürfnisse und Interessen alle Beteiligten gleichermaßen gewinnen würden. "

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3 Apr 01, 2008 14:26

Hi John, let me thank you at first for your description of how to create a custom page!

Yes, what you say in regard of my posting here is right. So far so good. But in the moment I'm glad to read the German version of "About us", I have to notice that actually I'm in the English version of my site. You see it when you look at the menu tabs. They have then turned to English (which would confuse my German visitors) and when you click on one of the tabs you stay in the English version, unless you click again on "Deutsch".

My intention is to have my site stay in the German version, also when you click on a German custom page. Do you think there's a way to reach this goal?

4 Apr 02, 2008 17:36

Okay, I solved it on a different way now: instead of creating a custom pages "about us" and "über uns", I created blogs with the same titles. Now German visitors don't get drawn back to English when they click on "Über uns", but stay in their chosen language version.

Maybe interesting to other people who like to run their site in different languages.

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