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1 Jun 12, 2004 02:38    

I set the filepath parameter in _admin.php as
$fileupload_realpath = '/home/b2evolution/example/images';
(The blog entry page is located on the server as:

and I already changed the directory mod to 777
but I still could not upload the image.
the error msg I got is

"Couldn't upload your file to: /home/b2evolution/example/images/Erie.jpg"

what's wrong?
Thanks a lot!

2 Jun 12, 2004 16:15

I also had a same problem :'(

3 Jun 14, 2004 20:38

How big is your file?

Check /conf/_admin.php in a text editor. Read down through the comments till you get to the part where it talks about image uploads.

The default install only lets you upload files up to 96kb. You can make that bigger, depending on your host.

4 Jun 28, 2004 22:27

I received this message:
Warning: move_uploaded_file(/home/isom/public_html/blogs/media/may2004a.jpg): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/isom/public_html/blogs/admin/b2upload.php on line 135

Warning: move_uploaded_file(): Unable to move '/tmp/phpfRQKAD' to '/home/isom/public_html/blogs/media/may2004a.jpg' in /home/isom/public_html/blogs/admin/b2upload.php on line 135
Couldn't upload your file to: /home/isom/public_html/blogs/media/may2004a.jpg

I set the correct CHMOD and the file is not more than 96K.

Where can I change the path to:





or do you have other suggestions. Thank you very much.

Ernie Guevara

5 Jun 28, 2004 23:02

It looks like b2evolution doesn't have permission to access the php temp upload directory. Maybe your host can shed some light on this.

Try chmod'ing the folder to 755, and see if that works.

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