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1 Apr 21, 2008 19:59    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Sorry I am a totally new user of evo. I read some FAQ about skins installation but still having trouble.

I have downloaded several skins and uploaded them to my skins directory after unzipping. Then I go to Global Settings but those new skins do not show up. What did I miss here? Does it take some time for the new skins (directories) to show up?

Thanks a million for anyone who can help. I know this is probably a very silly question to start with.


2 Apr 21, 2008 20:20

On further looks, it seems like the skins available for choosing have to be in the db table "skins__skin". I wonder what process will add my newly uploaded skins to this table? Do I need to run some scripts?

I cannot seem to find a "Install New Skin" in the admin page, as opposed to the plugin page where you can click "Install New Plugin".

Do I need to manually add the skins entries to the db table? I am worrying I might screw up things

4 Apr 21, 2008 20:31

thanks tilqicom.

I found out about this 10 seconds ago as well. I was logging in as a blog user just now and so I couldn't find the "Install New" Link. Relogin as administrator and the links is there, DUH...

I guess one of the beginners' mistakes... dumb mistake

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