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1 Apr 24, 2008 03:51    

My b2evolution Version: 2.x

Is it possible to assign a basic skin to be used by b2e when someone wants to print part of my web site?

I'm using b2evo_ru, and I'm currently using a special style sheet for printing, but I've been getting different and not entirely successful results with different browsers.

2 Apr 24, 2008 05:50

I'll try to create this style sheet in a few days.

3 Apr 26, 2008 00:49

I tested this print style sheet with Firefox, Opera, Safari and IE7, it's only for b2evo_ru skin.

Open and add the following code

<link rel="stylesheet" href="print.css" type="text/css" media="print" />

Then create print.css file with this content and put it in skin folder

body { background:none; background-color: #FFFFFF; padding: 0; margin: 0; color: #000; font: 90% Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif }

a { text-decoration:underline; color: #0066CC }
a:visited { color: #CC3366; }
a:hover { color: #0066FF; }

/* Hide blocks */
.bSmallPrint { display:none; border:none; background:none }

/* Hide border and background */
.fieldset_title div,
div.PostContent { border:none; background:none; margin:0 }

.bText { color:#000000; font-size:14px }

4 Apr 27, 2008 03:55

It's great, thank you!

5 Apr 27, 2008 12:53

No problem, do you have a chance to test it on IE6?

6 Apr 27, 2008 13:57

Not yet, just IE7 and FF2. I can test it on IE6 tomorrow when I'm at work.

8 May 03, 2008 06:48

Yea I know about it, this only happens in FF when the post is longer than the print page.
I have now idea why FF does it and how to fix it.

9 May 03, 2008 07:05

Ok, done. Change the following

.bText { color:#000000; font-size:14px; overflow:visible }

and also add div#evo_toolbar to the HIDE list, so you won't print your toolbar.

10 May 03, 2008 07:14

In the /* Hide blocks */ section you probably want to add div#evo_toolbar to hide the toolbar from printing. Dunno if it'll solve your problem though.

Actually I have this funny feeling if you fix a bunch of your xhtml validation errors you might just fix your printing problem in the process. For example there is a table that never has a corresponding /table, and a table without a td in it. A couple of divs without a /div to snuggle up to really messes with the universe too. Not sure how many of these go to the printing issue, but yeah start with making your page valid code.

BTW as a general rule if it breaks in Firefox it's probably not Firefox's fault ;)

11 May 03, 2008 15:22

Thank you Ed, when I get a chance, I'll try to decipher all those errors and find the missing endings.

And thank you Sam for the css!

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