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1 Apr 21, 2008 23:37    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered

Although it is possible to add tags to Type: Pages, when clicking on one in a Post, it doesn't bring up the Pages.

And if Igo to a Page there is no reference to the tags.

So why can I add them to pages if they don't work? Or should they?


2 Apr 22, 2008 16:07

I think what happened here is that you found a gray area of a pair of new features. Making a post be a "page" is a new thing yah? But when you select that option you are not actually re-loading the page you are on that allows creating a post. So ALL the features of writing a post are present when you write a "post as page type" - including obviously the tags.

Tags are also a new thing, and most folk sort of got it figured out that tags are kinda like categories on the fly for your posts. Except obviously not ALL posts because a tag won't lead a visitor to a "post as page" type of post. Hmmm... So should the tags lead to "posts as post type" or "posts of all types" is the gray area.

Here's another gray area around "posts as page": if you aggregate posts from one blog to another you will also aggregate posts that are page type posts. This is sort of the opposite of the tag situation in that you want the tag to find the page but it doesn't and I was surprised that aggregating posts also meant aggragating pages.

Gray zones, I assume, will eventually find a nice happy answer. Probably about the time all the various bits that we have to edit files for find a nice back office management method :)

3 Apr 22, 2008 17:05

OK EdB Yes I get it. Its all a bit new ha!

What I've done is just dumped my pages and made them all posts and prefixed the title with #. Then added a note at the top of the Contents (Post List) Header that # denotes and extract or article.

Thanks again



It was messing with the numbers in the Archives too :(

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