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1 Apr 27, 2008 01:47    


I'm quite new with b2evolution (very nice work by the way), so far I've just customized skins and now I'm working the layout of texts and images, to look like news papers formating, in other words having the text next to the images.

After surfing over the web to look out examples of how this is done, I've found the solution:

first removing the <p> tags around the images, and then apply a float style, left or right depending where to render the picture would resolve it.
I haven't tryed it yet, but this is who it's commonly done.

This looks good when it is applied to the left side.
the problem with the right side is that the text is right aligned too..

Right now I'm thinking of putting an extra div next to the image. the thing is that when the image is "finished" (the div would be full also), I have no idea how to cut the overflowing text to put it in another div.

Finally my question is: Is there a way in php to get the maximum capacity of a div to know how much text it can contain?

If you have alternative suggestions it would be cool also =)


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