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1 Apr 27, 2008 23:37    


I have 2 questions....

I've come across a SLEW of text editors that I'd like to add as a plug-in. I'd be more than happy to share what I've found.

Can ANY text editor be used or do they have to be configured for b2 software? On the same line as a follow-up -- I noticed that TinyMC & FCKeditor have new versions will they work?


3 Apr 27, 2008 23:57

Hi and thank you.

I've tried the Tiny but it doesn't seem compatible so I uninstalled it. My question still is.... do the editors have to be configured to work within b2? I don't know enough about b2's software which is why I asked the question. If any plug-in can work, then I'll try the Tiny or FCK updated versions, or others.

I'll take a look at the YUI -- thanks for that link. :D

4 Apr 28, 2008 00:21

I tried one of the WYSIWYG editors before and got nowhere with it. I then tried one of the WYSIWYG editor plugins and pretty much didn't like it at all. So I know next to nothing about this stuff ... except for maybe a little bit.

EITHER the external editor will need to be made to work with b2evolution OR b2evolution will need to be made to work with the editor. The thing is both can't take over the textarea field at the same time, and b2evolution already does. At a minimum, the quicktags and videos and youtube and creative commons and moretags and smilies plugins all need to be able to talk to the textarea field we use for posting. Any external editor will therefore have to work with all of them (typically by using the available hooks ... I guess) OR the external editor will take over and all those plugins can go suck eggs.

Does that make sense? Like here for example when you post or reply you got buttons up there that do stuff inside the posting box. That means "something external", which happens to be normal stuff for phpbb forums, is playing with the textarea field.

Anyway I suppose I could be way off but I think if you get something working you should then see if smilies from the plugin still work. And other stuff that works in a "normal" b2evolution post. Assuming you reach a point where editor XYZ v123 works with b2evolution v241 and you want to package it as a hack/plugin I would absolutely include all the files from XYZ v123 with your product instead of telling people to go get it. This due to what happens when XYZ makes an upgrade and suddenly breaks your interoperability for some reason?

Hey that was like an answer to your followup! Yeah there was a case in the past where one of the plugin editors failed to work because the external editor upgraded and somehow caused the relationship to falter. So if you don't package EXACTLY what you are using with your plugin then it is likely to result in problems. Another problem will be that people out there will say "oh this has an old version of XYZ so I'll get the new one" then complain that your plugin sucks because of them not having what you had when you made it work. I guess you could try to read the version of XYZ and fail out if it is not the exact version you want, but then some external editors will have plugins of their own that might also cause breakage.

Good luck with it though! One of the weaknesses of this package is that you have to see the ugly bugly code that makes pretty stuff happen. So a nicely integrated WYSISLWYGOYGIVABAWASSSIGBD (what you see is sorta like what you get only you get it via a browser and with a style sheet so its gonna be different) editor would be kinda cool.

And a bigger post window. 24 rows just ain't enough. Or maybe it's only 16? But hey that's not your thing: that's a simple core hack thing :)

5 Apr 28, 2008 00:30

Hey There! :)

That was a fantastic reply. :D If there was a Star rating, that post deserves it.

Thanks.... you saved me a lot of time as I'm sure many others with trying out different editors to discover that they don't work.

Yep, it would be great to have a better WSYWIG editor to use as a plug. In the meantime... we can still blog! :D

6 Apr 29, 2008 02:12

Hi Tosca,

I put the Yahoo Rich Text editor plugin back up. See my blog .
The Full Yahoo editor is slow and quircky. In the setting for the plugin you can turn it on for the Post/Edit Admin textbox and find out for yourself. The Yahoo editor comes with a Simple version also. I used that for Comments and that seem to work nicely. Try that out as well.

Why the Full Editor is so slow I don't know. Likely because it is still in beta stage. I think there is a Simple version just because the full version doesn't work properly, but that is just a guess.

I did look at FCK, but that's a complete different business to implement. Lately I am not bored with my work for B2evo and the users, so I do need to keep a TODO list and FCK has a very low priority.

But there is still the tinyMCE by blueyed. I never encountered problems with that one and if you feel comfortable with a WYSIWYG editor, I strongly advise that one.

Please do give me some feedback on the Yahoo thing. I can add/remove buttons and may even move those settings to the plugin settings section and make it customizable. So if you like it, I will spend some time on that one.

Good luck

7 Apr 30, 2008 19:36

Hi Afwas:

Thank you for being so kind in replying. :)

I will try this and experiment around.

I did try Tiny and kept getting a javascript error. :-/ . I uninstalled it out of frustration. I can try it again to see what happens.

Please give me a little time and I'll be sure to get back with you on the link/editor that you provided.

Thanks again.

8 Apr 30, 2008 21:30

The Comment thing seems not compatible with the smilies plugin bar. I will see if I can get the Yahoo smilies inside the editor bar. For the rest it's a cute thing and it works nice for the comments. As said, the full editor for the Post/Edit textbox is slow and doesn't feel good.

Good luck

9 Apr 30, 2008 21:42

Hello Again:

That's good to know. Perhaps, it would be good just for comments rather than for blogging posts.

I take it that you are using YUI and TinyMCE together without problems?

If you're using Tiny, can you do me a favor? Can you post a copy of how Tiny is set-up in the back-office like you did with YUI? I'm thinking that the entire set-up didn't load properly with the CSS Class, title or something else.


:) [/quote]

10 Apr 30, 2008 23:46

Hi Tosca,

My plugin has settings for bot the comment area as well as the Write/Edit area, so you can test independently by switching on/off.

For the tinyMCE plugin try to uninstall, then remove every file from that plugin in the /plugins/ folder, find the latest version and upload that. There are numerous tiny files to be uploaded, so chances are you missed one or more. An FTP client like FileZilla keeps track of files that failed uploading.

Good luck

11 May 01, 2008 14:16

I've been using the add on called [url=]ScribeFire[/url] for Mozilla Firefox. For me it was easy to set up to use with b2evolution. All I had to do was give it my url address, it found what it needed.

It was used to create [url=]Mothers Day Gift Idea Post[/url]. My only complaint with it is that I have to log into b2evolution and edit the post if I want to add any tags.

12 May 01, 2008 21:24

Thank you for those great suggestions. I'll check them out and hopefully things will workout just fine.

13 May 01, 2008 21:49

i would also recommend [url=]BlogJet[/url], works pretty good, you can also add tags, has a preset for b2evo too.. and works with 2.4.2, sometimes it can mess up with the cat-subcats but i dont want to say anything bad for sure, as i havent tested it enough, but it is very easy to setup, and works perfect in text styling

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