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1 May 01, 2008 03:39    

I am looking for some original ideas to make a plugin or widget out. So please no Facebook link thing, but something that looks nice and probably is useful in some way. But the keywords are fun and originality.

Got ideas?

2 May 01, 2008 03:56

a wrapper kind plugin could do good, like the one in joomla..
see an example [url=]here[/url]
the purpose of it is to be able to display an external page within the content area, lets say i have prepared an external custom contact form but want to display just like the user profile in the content area.. just an idea.. some of these kind issues might be handled by creating a static page, and there might be plugin suggestions with higher priorities, it would be nice though, put this at the bottom of the list ;)

3 May 01, 2008 03:58

I'll bite :)
1. Show/Hide Posting Screen toolbars.
Toolbars to hide by default should be selectable by Admin

2. The Textareas in the Posting Screen to be resizable ( ie made longer )

4 May 01, 2008 04:15

That's too easy. It's an iframe. besides, there aren't enough skins that fit another screen. But I can make it into a plugin fairly easy, so I'll take it on.

Your first idea is great. I have good news: it's been done. ¥åßßå has it lying in his immense pile of nearly finished things. He works too hard. That keeps him from finishing things.
Your second idea is neat also. Actually you'd want some Ajaxian drag the corner thing and that's beyond my capabilities. But a javaScript thing with a usersetting sounds like a good idea. It's on the list.

5 May 01, 2008 04:23

For registered users: a "quick post" title and textarea from the front end where each user gets to pick the blog and cat/subcats (and visibility and plugins and ALL other back office settings a post normally has available to any given blogger) the quick post will be in via their profile page. Obviously this would exclude access to the media folder via whatever button it is that pops open "Files" in a new window, and also exclude "Make Posts" from images, but in general a fully configurable "quick post" method would be way cool. Kinda like the "Quick Reply" feature I'm using to post this reply.

8 May 01, 2008 22:14

Thanks. What a difference not having verticle scroll bars makes.

9 May 02, 2008 00:30

Auto-closure of comments after a definable amount of time. This was hacked in roughly a million years ago after observing that spam-bots latch onto one old post - and that comments tend to not show up on older stuff. Back in the day once it was X number of days old the hack closed comments. A smart plugin would look for X number of days since the last activity (edit or comment) and be something you could enable/disable or set how long before expiration for each post.

10 May 02, 2008 05:23

A googlemap tool. Ideally it would produce, based on given coordinates, a googlemap as if it was a "page type" post, but personally I'd be happy with creating a link to googlemaps with the coordinates used in the appropriate fashion.

A single input point would be a pin. A pair of input points would be either a line or a street map. Multiple input points would be a sequence of lines (polygon?). Use new posting fields to allow multiple input coordinates, and MAYBE define a couple of input point methods. It's not easy by the way. Like, "street address" is pretty simple, but going by GPS coords in WGS80 format is what googlemaps does. So for any format that a GPS might put out, and therefore a human might put in, you gotta convert to WGS80 format. That sucks. Been there, done that, gave up.

BTW I refer to saying for example "33.333333, -111.1111111" instead of "33 degrees 33 minutes 33 seconds, -111 degrees 11 minutes 11 seconds" or all the different flavors imaginable. I gave up and forced the idea of "you the user have to give me the program the NN.NNNNNNN format or else it fails". It was only capable of launching a new window showing a single point, and it died when 1.10.3 stopped being the version that site was running. Plus we reached the same goal using stupid forms.

Anyway "working with GPS coordinates to produce many different cool googlemaps" would be way phat.

11 May 02, 2008 06:12

There are some interesting ideas. I will certainly investigate. I myself came up with a Bad Word / Foul Language filter for the Comments. It's actually half way done as I'm writing this. I don't know that many bad words though...

12 May 02, 2008 06:18

I don't know that many bad words though...

Shouldn't the bad word list be a file that the blog owner has control of?

My bad words might be a lot badder than your's :)

13 May 02, 2008 06:28

Yes, there is going to be a mutable list. Not a file though. ¥åßßå thought me that's bad practice because you don't know if you have write access. So it's gonna go in the database. I have no idea if that's going to hurt performance if somebody really takes this seriously and adds dictionaries, but that is not of my concern.

14 May 02, 2008 06:44

Would this be for a word or a phrase? Meaning would I be able to block comments that say "you suck"? Also will this replace the bad words with something like ****** or will it reject the comment? Just curious...

By the way I know lots of bad words if you need help with a seed list ;)

15 May 02, 2008 06:48

At the moment I have a function that replaces with random funny characters like $*%%&. That works already. Now I'm working on a Setting (html_textarea) for input.
To get to your example, EdB, a single word would replace to 'You %$#'. That's fine, isn't it? But with the html_textarea you can add what you want.

17 May 02, 2008 10:42

Man, you could move to Australia with a list like that , we would let you in :)

18 May 02, 2008 11:08

Just thought of another one: create a list of files in media/blogs/this_blog/ folder with an option to say what file types will or won't be displayed.

Personal goal with such a thing: when the translator makes either a locales/messages.pot or locales/ab_CD/_global.php file it makes it in your media/username/pluginname/ folder and copies it to the media/blogs/blogname/ folder. So to give away the translations people would have to either wait for the author to show up and package it in an update or have easy access to them. So an open dir would be nice, but I don't like open dirs, so a plugin that acts like an open dir would be nice.

I have no idea why someone else might want such a thing but it is original and *could* look nice and would be useful to me ;)

EDIT: recursive of course so I can put translations into media/blogs/blogname/pluginname/ab_CD/ or something like that.

EDIT 2: never mind. For my purposes I already have everything I need stored in a database so all I have to do is pull info, verify file exists, make link.

19 May 02, 2008 14:56

some ideas:
- a widget that displays list of randomly chosen posts
- [already done] a different background in comments for author/admin of the blog
- [already done] a widget that displays a random image from a specified folder (ie: media folder)

Edit: thanks guys !

21 May 02, 2008 19:57

- a different background in comments for author/admin of the blog

It's a skin related, why install another renderer plugin if you can add this simple code in in your skin. ;)

if ( !empty($Comment->author_user_ID) && $Comment->author_user_ID == $Item->creator_user_ID )
{	// author
	echo '<div class="bComment_author">';
elseif ( !empty($Comment->author_user_ID) && $Comment->author_user_ID == 1 )
{	// admin
	echo '<div class="bComment_admin">';
{    // user
	echo $params['comment_start'];

22 May 02, 2008 20:36

Afwas wrote:

Slamp hasn't seen my [url=]random Image Widget[/url] yet.

Sorry no :oops:
I will test it asap.

Thanks a lot sam2kb, I will add it to evopress.

2 more ideas:
- diff plugin: like on mediawiki, the plugin allows to see the difference after a modification in a post. (exemple: )
- an ajax plugin to drag and drop widget in backoffice :)

23 May 04, 2008 20:02

EdB wrote:

A googlemap tool. Ideally it would produce, based on given coordinates, a googlemap as if it was a "page type" post, but personally I'd be happy with creating a link to googlemaps with the coordinates used in the appropriate fashion.

How do you envisage this? I change post type to 'Google Maps' and then what?
I enter something to the URL box, like I would with an MP3 for post type == Podcast?

I don't see what you are getting at.

24 May 05, 2008 00:54

Someone enters +33° 16' 52.56", -111° 7' 45.04" into a custom field and the post is either turned into or linked to a googlemap that points to that location. Or they enter "33.330882, -112.061193" and the same thing happens. Or, given two coordinates (multiple fields I guess), they get a line from A to B. Or given three coordinates (hey how many fields do I want!!!) they get a triangle.

I believe a radio button option would be required to make lines and shapes instead of the default 'single point' option that googlemaps does very easily. That way one could possibly build up something like,-111.129568&spn=0.008933,0.014591&z=16 although I have not picked that url apart to see what makes it tick.

And I've only embedded googlemaps once. Didn't like it at all. Way too much javascript, and custom icons sucked. And no one bothered to add a single point to the list of points. So anyway yeah I know nothing about this stuff.
I'd imagine the part I bolded is pretty freakin important for making all the polygon and color shading bits of that map - if that map will even show up for people given that it is saved in "my maps" and I have no idea if those links share or not.

Hadn't thought of it as a different post type though. Can one trigger a renderer that way? In the end I just got up so am not thinking clearly (no coffee yet) so if a post type makes sense that's cool. I tried it way back with new posting fields and logic that said "if they used the fields then make a link that points to a map" without even trying to make the map show up in the blog.

25 May 05, 2008 01:00

By the way I have another map saved in "my maps" that is technically only a line, but I beat up the line function so heavily it looks like it is following a road. Point to point, then bend the line by clicking the line and putting a third point in ... and repeat until the line really does look like a road map. In that case a straight line could theoretically be done - but I've no idea how. And in that case it doesn't show the ~100 points it took to make my 'line' in the URL.

26 May 05, 2008 16:45

There is a 1.10 plug out there that depcits a map in the header from geographical marks it finds in posts. The map is the image for the header. The points are found in teh posts, so "I drank coffee in Starbucks at <43 Highstreet, Sometomd, CA>" and the map shows the point.

This idea is freakin' brilliant, but the uses extremely limited. Mostly because you have no space in your blog to have a full sized map with a heading: "Posts in this blog are about these place".

But it can be done.
Your idea with lines is outdated. You can let it calculate a route from point A to point B, so you can use roads and don't have to wander across fields.

27 May 11, 2008 21:19

slamp wrote:

A plugin for admin users to order categories.

I guess my idea was not original ;-)

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