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Need help with After Posts Container & RSS feeds

Started by on Apr 28, 2008 – Contents updated: Apr 28, 2008

Apr 28, 2008 18:41    

Thanks for the am_rss_reader_plugin and the great directions Yabba. I’m new to all this and appreciate the well spelled out less techie directions. That's what I needed. I have the plugin working for my sidebar. See
I added the After Posts container and following your excellent instructions got it to show up on the widgets page for the evopress skin. The RSS feeds listed in the After Posts container aren’t showing up, however. These are the same ones that worked in the sidebar. See I deleted the sidebar links here to eliminate any potential conflicts. Any tips on what I should do to fix this? I didn’t update the css to limit the width and float the lists. I wasn’t sure where to place this. Thought I'd get the stuff to show up first. Any assistance would be appreciated.

Apr 28, 2008 19:30

I notice that both those links use different skins and blogs, so I'll ask the bloody obvious ..... you have added the container to both skins I assume? and reloaded both skins ( so container shows/is available ) ? ..... and you have installed the widgets on the right blog?


Apr 28, 2008 19:44

Thanks for the fast response. Only tried the After Posts container for evopress skin used with News blog. The widget is installed in this After Posts container (3 times with different rss feeds). The container is the 1st one on the widget page. I didn't add the After Posts container to the Nifty Corners skin used by the Trends blog. For this blog the widget is installed (just once) in the sidebar.

Apr 28, 2008 20:08

Just added After Posts container to skin asevo for Designers blog and it's working fine - showing the one rss feed listed after the posts on that blog. I'll add the same feeds used for the News blog to see if that breaks it.

Apr 28, 2008 20:08

Bugger, it's never the easy answer :p

Can you copy/paste your /skins/evopress/_iems.main.php here ( surround it with [ php]*your copy paste*[/php] tags so my head doesn't go *tilt* when it sees a huge scrollbar ) ? :D


Apr 28, 2008 20:35

FYI – the same 3 rss feeds worked in the After Posts container for asevo used by the Designers blog. I can always try switching to that skin for News if this is too hard to find.
Maybe I’m just showing my ignorance, but I don’t have _iems.main.php file under /skins/evopress/. I have index.main.php, the file that was edited. I have pasted what was added in index.main.php here. Thanks for letting me know how to post it - totally needed that info.


        // -------------- MAIN CONTENT TEMPLATE INCLUDED HERE (Based on $disp) --------------
            ) );
        // Note: you can customize any of the sub templates included here by
        // copying the matching php file into your skin directory.
        // ------------------------- END OF MAIN CONTENT TEMPLATE ---------------------------
        skin_containerNT_('After Posts'), array
            ) ); 
// ------------------------- SIDEBAR INCLUDED HERE --------------------------
skin_include'' );
// Note: You can customize the default BODY footer by copying the
// file into the current skin folder.
// ----------------------------- END OF SIDEBAR -----------------------------

Apr 28, 2008 21:23

By any chance, does that skin have a _posts.main.php ? if it does, try slapping the container in there as well ( at about the same place ) and seeing if I get lucky :roll:


Apr 28, 2008 21:40

It WORKED! You really are a genius! I made the change in post.main.php (didn't have _posts.main) for evopress & reloaded the skin & it's showing up now. Thanks so much!

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