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1 May 02, 2008 23:35    

This plugin filters the comments for bad words and foul language. Ut replaces a term with funny characters like @#%@ or Asterixes like ****. A comprehensive list of words is added, so if you want to keep your English up to date, you can learn a lot from this plugin. You are able to manage the list in the settings. It should require the admin to be over eighteen years old.

You can try the filter by adding a nasty word to your comment in [url=]my blog[/url]

Download [url=][/url]

2 May 03, 2008 11:04

Nice and useful plugin, thank you!

I'll try some words on your blog. :-)

3 Nov 21, 2008 12:02

Hi Afwas:

Are there any special instructions for this plugin? I placed it in my plugins folder but it doesn't appear in "Install Plugins" in the back office.

I'm using version 2.4.2, is it compatible?

5 Nov 22, 2008 14:04


It still doesn't work. It doesn't show anywhere in the plugins install Neww Install...

The filter comments folder contains a .svn folder, a filter comment plugin folder and .project file.
Could it be that I only need to upload the comment plugin folder and not the other two files?

6 Nov 22, 2008 14:14

Afwas, the answer to my last question is YES, only the filter_comments_plugin is necessary. I ignore what the other folders and files are for. I hope they're not necessary...

7 Nov 22, 2008 14:24

Hi gcasanova,

The zip in the first post of this topic is v0.4 whiich is the most recent version.
The two files you mention are no part of the plugin. They are from the SVN version control system used by the plugins repository. They shouldn't be in the zip, but here's no harm in having them there.

I see no explanation why the plugin wouldn't install on your blog. Please check the available memory in Dashboard -> Tools -> System. That should be >= 16Mb. Perhaps -but not likely- ths plugin triggered some treshold.
You can also do Dashboard -> Misc -> Tools -> Delete Rendered item cache and of course Refresh plugins in Dashboard -> Global settings -> Plugins. These are all shots in the dark.Check the FTP program you are using. The upload should be in 'ascii' mode but usually 'default' or 'auto' is fine.

If these hints don't help please PM me some details of your site like blog login/password and I will have a look there.

Good luck

8 Nov 22, 2008 15:18


My last comment was too short and completely incomplete!
The plugin did work when I uploaded the appropriate folder to the plugins folder and then installed it as plugins should.
The problem was that I was uploading the whole folder with the .svn and the other files instead of the plugins folder only.
Now its working fine and I like the plugin very wuch.
Thanks for your help!!!

9 Nov 22, 2008 15:31

Nice to hear.
Glad you like it. :)

10 Nov 25, 2008 05:13

Thanks again for the plugin, it's already come in handy a few times. But I am curious how difficult it would be to have it kick back a feedback post when a flagged word is used?

So if a person goes to post something with profanity they are greeted with a message like "sorry, you can't post this. You said a very naughty word and we are currently on our way to your location to wash your mouth out with soap."

I've tried playing around with it, but my inexperience with PHP is a big barrier.

11 Dec 23, 2008 17:51

I've found a problem with the plugin and it is that it converts parts of a word to asterisks (or signs) if that part of the word is in the filter plugin's list.

Eg; ridículo (ridiculous in Spanish) is converted to ridí**** because "culo" in Spanish means "Ass" and I have the word "culo" in my filtered words list.

I wish this plugin would only consider exact words.

12 Dec 23, 2008 18:37

Where I wonder does this leave people who live in Scunthorpe?

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