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1 May 01, 2008 19:04    

This plugin is able to change the size of the textarea where you can write/edit a post. To use the plugin install it first and go to your profile page in Dashboard -> Users -> CLICK YOUR USERNAME. There you will find a setting like this:

Download [url=][/url]
[url=]Link to blog article[/url]

Have fun!

2 May 01, 2008 21:52

Sweet. Thanks for the work

3 May 02, 2008 00:10

Cool. I hacked this in quite a while ago so it will be swell to see how you did it with a plugin. Perhaps it will inspire and enable a plugin that makes extra hooks to alllow moving toolbars to different places than above the post area, which is what motivated bumping into what I was doing when I discovered where to hack the post textarea size.

4 May 05, 2008 20:22

Hello: :D

I just installed this. It is GREAT! B) I love this plug-in.

Thanks for making it available.


5 May 05, 2008 23:06

Is there a reason why it should be at least 16 ?

6 May 06, 2008 00:23

Hi Tosca,

Thanks :p

Hi Topanga,

No there is no reason at all, but 16 happens to be default without the plugin. Max is now set at 40. I want a max there. Adding ridiclous numbers should be avoided.

But do you have a particular reason to go lower than 16 lines?


7 May 06, 2008 08:26

The only reason I have is :
In a particular bloginstallation, I use the blogs for just type in 1 line of txt
If I lower it to lets say 5, then the complete admin area is on my window and I don't have to scroll..

So if there is no reason why it should be 16, I would let it open to the user to pick a nice number.

And offcourse you should limit it, but 16 was not the number I had in mind ;) (40 is though)

9 May 08, 2008 05:35

A new version is ready for testing. It works fine but is prone to some additional development. In stead of a setting, I made a draggable bar under the textarea. Very AJAX. Very jquery. In fact the first AJAX and jquery I did, so with a little pride I can say: download this one, it's cute.

See a later post for current download link.

11 May 11, 2008 10:47

Very nice.
And then a personal question :
would it be possible to start with a small field (like the equivalent of 6 lines) and then make it bigger as you wish depending on the post you are writing... would that be possible ?

13 May 20, 2008 00:03

I have disabled the previous "Ajax" version and installed your latest version however the jquery drag function is not appearing or working.

I have Unticked the "rows" box and Ticked the Jquery box however nothing shows up at the posting screen.


14 May 20, 2008 00:27

hi John,

Wat does view source say in the admin write/edit section?
Make sure the files jquery.textarea.minimal.js and gruppy.png or summat are in the plugin folder. I had some troubles zipping the correct files.

Good luck

15 May 20, 2008 00:32

Ok, the zipped file only has the single _resize_admin_textarea.plugin.php and ReadMe file in it

I'll fiddle with it and see what comes up :)

16 May 20, 2008 00:44

Just to confirm
Move the grippie.png and the jquery.textarea.minimal.js into the new install and it works like a charm :)

18 May 21, 2008 22:36

It's a perfect plugin !
Just a typo in the description :
Change default size: Ables a change of the default textarea size on a per user basis (see User settings.)
I guess it's Enables

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