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1 May 08, 2008 18:42    

I was trying to install the "realtagcloud" to my blog which has been localized into Chinese.

The installation went smoothly and it was added to the container at the end. But in the web page, nothing happened. Looking further I found that it was said if no results found for a tag, that tag will not be displayed. If no displayable tag found, no result will be reported.

So I did a manual search using the search form in my blog. All tags, ie, categories created in Chinese are not searchable. And the "urlname" tag used behind the sence for each category is not searchable, too.

The search form only works with text in the posting.

However, the category list will be able to bring up postings based on the category urlname tag.

I am not sure it is bug, or a problem, for blogs that have been localed with non-English languages.

3 May 08, 2008 19:00

Thanks tilqicom. I haven't seen that thread before. It does help a little though. If it is not related to tags searable or not, then something wrong in my tagcloud installation, assuming this plug is able to locate tags.

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