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1 May 13, 2008 03:01    

My b2evolution Version: Not Entered


I have Xampp and would like to use it. I use it for my website. I figured with some of the problems that I've been having I can use the local server as a tester before uploading live.

I've tried to install b2evo using the script and have myPHPAdmin open. For some reason the install script doesn't work. When I press the button to finish it doesn't do anything. Shouldn't virtual hosting through Xampp still work, no matter what?


3 Jun 01, 2008 22:06


Thank you.... I'll look into it... I was trying to avoid loading another software program. :(

This is what has been happening.

What does 'schema version' 9700 mean on local server?

I have xampp and trying to install the blog on my computer. I got through the first step in the installation script, but then I get the following messages to continue:

Your configuration file [C:/Documents.....blogs/conf/_basic_config.php] has been successfully updated.
How do you want to install b2evolution?
The installation can be done in different ways. Choose one:
New Install: Install b2evolution database tables.

When I hit New Install to continue, I get one the following message:

Additional information about this error:
MySQL error!
Your query:


This is b2evolution version 2.4.1.
You cannot use the application before you finish configuration and installation.
Database schema is not up to date!
You have schema version «0», but we would need «9700».
Please use the installer to finish your configuration/installation now.

How can I get past this so that I can finish the installation for the MySql database?

4 Jun 02, 2008 01:31

looks like MySql is not started (the program is not active). I don't know how to start it in Windows.

Good luck

5 Jun 02, 2008 01:35

Okay, I'll look into it, but it should be active in the Control Panel. If MySql wasn't active, wouldn't that mean myPHPadmin wouldn't work? That program does work fine.

6 Jun 02, 2008 11:24

Tosca wrote:

If MySql wasn't active, wouldn't that mean myPHPadmin wouldn't work? That program does work fine.


Using phpmyadmin, are you able to see b2evolution database on your mysql ?

7 Jun 02, 2008 22:29


No, I see no database -- I believe this is what the next step was suppose to be.

8 Jun 03, 2008 07:28

Then, create an empty database and use that name in b2evolution configuration screen.

9 Jun 05, 2008 02:23


I had tried that before I made the post. The basic config file is fine, but is there another file that needs to be tweaked to get me past this point?

Thanks for your input.

10 Jun 08, 2008 10:22

To create the b2evolution database use phpmyadmin and in SQL box issu the command:


Then in config file you should have

$db_config = array(
	'user'     => 'root',     // your MySQL username
	'password' => '',     // ...and password
	'name'     => 'b2evo',  // the name of the database
	'host'     => 'localhost',    // MySQL Server (typically 'localhost')

11 Jun 10, 2008 01:30

Right. I had completed that process and it brought to the next step, which is posted above. This is where I'm stuck.

13 Jun 12, 2008 20:46

Hi Afwas:

Yes I did... I tried AGAIN but this time with the debugger on, and b2evo indicated that MySql needs "traditional" in order to set-up. However, MySql/phpmyadmin wouldn't take "traditional" because a table wasn't available.

I was wondering is it possible to import the tables into phpmyadmin as a database set-up?

14 Jun 12, 2008 20:59

didnt read the whole thread; assuming you are insisting using xamp, why dont you try another ? wamp or appserv ?

15 Jun 13, 2008 09:32

@tosca could you enable debug mode in _advanced.php:
$debug = 1;
Then, could you give us the exact error message you have ?

Which version of mysql is included in xampp ?
Are you using php 4.x ? or php 5.x ?

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