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1 May 18, 2008 15:20    

My b2evolution Version: 1.10.x

Howdy folks! I'm using RC 2.4.1 for my site and like it a lot. I've noticed that when you enable the podcasting feature on b2 (by inserting a link into the window and selecting "podcast") the site seems to use the Dew player for your streaming audio.

This is great and all, but I'd like to take advantage of the customizable look of the Dew player and features of the multiplayer (like forward and back buttons), but I can't seem to find the actual call for the swf or the swf itself.

I'm guessing there is some sneaky html call buried somewhere in the conf files or something and that the swf actually remains with dew player, but I can't seem to locate this code. Can anyone help? I really need the button features at the very least.

2 May 20, 2008 05:38

check out /blog/rsc. the swf files are located there. Not sure where you can find the actual code to insert the code. I tried looking but didn't find it.

3 May 21, 2008 03:47

I found the file in blogs/rsc/swf.

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